Ich vermisse dich*

Petra. Petra. Oh, Petra. 


I know that you are over in Germany having a grand ‘ol time right now but there are a bunch of people back here in Western Maryland that miss you and wanted to say “hello”

It really is strange not having you around to call and whine to…or to snort on the baby and tickle his ribs…or to share a pot of coffee with.  These have been the longest 12 days in a long long time.

Someone wanted to send you a message…

missing you 2BL 

 Pretty good penmanship for a 16-month old, right?

Oh! Wait…Monika is here…she wanted me to pass this along as well…

 missing you 3BL


and I mean really….can anyone look more pathetic than this? You can’t see them because, well, I cry invisible tears…but trust me *sob*

missing you 1BL


Connor used this opportunity to practice his German…admit it, he is better looking than any kid in Germany, right?

missing you5BL


Uh….and Mark. Mark misses you too.  He knows he is hard to give up for 19 days…but he is proud of your bravery. hahaha.

missing you 4BL


We hope that you are having a great time.  In all seriousness though, we super-duper cannot wait to see you again.   See you very soon!

(* I hope that the title says “I miss you” but I fear it probably says something like “I want to marry a chicken” instead)

4 thoughts on “Ich vermisse dich*

  1. Oh my gosh, I was so happy to see this on my brothers laptop, ( that I had no clue how to use it)
    Everyone loved it and Connor got a lot of brownie point with my Mom that day.
    Still miss our talks and coffee time together. We really have to do something about it this year.
    My new years resolution is to be a better friend and take more time to spend with you alone( so Mark and Connor babysitting time coming up)


    • I love you Petra. I absolutely need more Petra time and maybe you can kick some buttsi nto babysitting duty since I seem to be unable to get it to happen. lol. You are a wonderful friend, if anything, I have dropped the ball. Big time. Life is hard, but it is no excuse to let a friendship hang unattended. {hugs}


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