oh my how they change

December 2008



and now…October 2009


And in the 14 months from December 2008 to October 2009 this is pretty much the only posed photo, of the two together, that I think that I have where Corrigan is actually looking at the camera deliberately.  You have no idea the strange yelping and jumping that I had to do to get him to look at me ONE. TIME. for this shot.

I wish I had centered it better…shooting with your right hand, while flapping your left arm and snapping your fingers is really better left to the professionals. ha. 

3 thoughts on “oh my how they change

  1. Your boys have the amazing ability to change physically and still look adorable, and sweet, in Corr’s case and boyishly handsome, in Connor’s case. Your kids are beautiful 🙂

    Yaaaay for Mooneys!


  2. They are getting too big Mindy…to big, make them stop…

    again your photo’s brighten my day whenever I get married I want you to be my photographer

    miss you bunches

    ❤ Catie


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