nuh nuh nuh nuh…BATMAN!

Batman has a new tool in his weapons arsenal…STATIC.  ELECTRICITY

You are so afraid now, right?

batman dance3COPY


Wait…you’re not? Hmmm…the green ball is a weapon of doom too you know. And you do not even want to know what happens when he flashes his belly at you. Oh no you don’t. 

 Ahhhh…too late.

batman duo2COPY


Still not buying it? Okay, well…Batman now has the power of mind-control.

Did you know that?

With merely a stare he can render you helpless.

batman duoCOPY


But his most fearsome tool of all?   


batman dancingCOPY

Oh yeah, the world is perfectly safe as long as Batman is here. 

*shimmies away*

(all photos taken this evening by Connor)

2 thoughts on “nuh nuh nuh nuh…BATMAN!

  1. LOVE the static hair! What great photos. And of course the costume is awesome! Did you get to take him out in it at all to show him off? Belly-bearing Batman wins for best costume!!!!


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