NaBloPoMo (day one…er…two?)

November is National Blog Posting Month. The idea is pretty simple. Blog daily. Even on weekends.  I already missed the first day.  Off to a great start, right? 

anyway, let’s just pretend that this is November 1, 2009.

Batman made it out of the house (and out of the yard too!) to check on things around town.  It was Halloween and you never know what mischief and mayhem might call for his services.

He checked out Gene’s Family Restaurant in Cresaptown, Maryland.   Batman’s mommy grew up a stone’s throw from this establishment and sometimes went in for some french fries and gravy.  It should probably be mentioned that while chaperoning Batman, his mommy again had some fries with gravy from Mr. Gene’s.


Batman had some french fries too. They were delicious. However, Batman was disappointed because he did not find any bad guys. Only Mr. Gene…and anyone that makes food that yummy cannot be evil.


Just to be sure though, Batman thought he should check out the kitchen. He took advantage of mommy’s need to ““chimp” her photos immediately after taking them and ran around the corner and behind the counter.  Luckily, Batman’s Daddy was around to scoop him up quickly.


After feasting on delicious foods, Batman made his way to the mecca of trouble and tumult…the MALL.

He, of course, had to find Petra.  Batman’s legs were tired. 


He was quite sure that he would find a scallywag lurking about but was unable to spot them.  This kind friend took a moment to stop and chat…Batman’s mommy was not sure exactly was was said, superheroes sometimes have their own languages, but I think that this friend told him that the coast was clear, something about free candy that evening and they exchanged a secret hand signal.


all was right with the world.  Soon enough, it was clear that Batman had had enough…his legs just quit working and we found him mumbling to his reflection in the tile.  It was a busy afternoon and Batman needed a nap.


Hope that everyone had a great weekend!

Your comments are appreciated!

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