good witch/bad witch=confused baby

Mammaw came over to visit on Halloween.  Connor went to his friend’s house for the evening and Corrigan chilled out as Batman.  When the doorbell rang he didn’t know what to think.

Her shirt reads, “Good Witch”

Mark asked her, “Where is the bad witch then?”

to which she replied, honestly and quickly, “Oh, don’t worry she is inside of me too!”



This was one really unsure child.


out of focus…still love the expressions


and the last…kind of says it all.


3 thoughts on “good witch/bad witch=confused baby

  1. Your mom…. she is the bomb. Literally. What a hoot. You know you look just like Cor when she pops in! hehehehe… Gotta love your mom. That costume is great!


    • Isn’t she a hoot? Mark summed it up perfectly the other day when he said, “hey, at least your mom still tries to enjoy life” and it is true. She will never ever EVER act her age. God love her.


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