all is well.

Today Corrigan had an appointment in Baltimore.  It was a long day, most appointment days are, but they are all bound to seem longer than normal when dealing with a toddler.  He was really very well-behaved today, in a spectacularly goofy (and smiley) mood and the numbers came back as WOO HOO! <—seriously, that is what the lab papers said. No ?  Really?  Well, his ammonia was 41 so it should have said exactly that. woo. hoo.

The other numbers are in the photo below.

the numbers

Corrigan also got his flu shots today so that is good (or bad…depending on who you talk to) so we will be watching him for adverse reactions and possible fevers. Otherwise, it was a good appointment.  I took a bunch of photos today but I am too exhausted to resize and post them all this evening. I have to blog daily, every day in November for NaBloPoMo, so I will save them for tomorrow.

Have a good evening!

Your comments are appreciated!

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