sleep. what is that?

Corrigan decided that he would rather party in his crib from 1am to 5am instead of sleeping. That would work out fine if he would just play happily, and somewhat quietly, rather than screaming like he is ON. FIRE.


This is what happens when you try to trick him with water in his bottle instead of formula. He could care less ( or he couldn’t care less???) about the possible future decay of his teeth…he wants formula or else.

It is quite possible that I caved at 5am and gave in to his tiny dictator commands. I am not saying. So there.

2 thoughts on “sleep. what is that?

  1. When we went for Heemie’s latest appointment, the doctor said to start incorporating something into his bedtime. Like read him a book, give him a bottle and then put him to bed. So eventually the bottle will be removed from the equation, and the book will be the trigger that it is bed time. Maybe you could try something similar?


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