Someone needs to color their hair…the roots are darn near black and wow,

the strands of silver are certainly all sparkly and


 not brunette.

hair issues blogsharpened


I haven’t touched a bottle of hair color since I got pregnant with Corrigan

…in fact, I haven’t even had a haircut in just as long.  I really had NO CLUE until Mark took this photo.


ahahaha. Oh well.

Pretty sure that in the grand scheme of things the status of my roots are not important.

However, photos that include me in them shall now be instantly deleted.

2 thoughts on “

  1. I think you look gorgeous and I had a dream about you all last night! I seem to remember even your mom was in it! (please say hello to her for me) We did all at some point end up playing cards on a piece of plywood on cinder blocks in a garage somewhere and someone-who shall remain nameless-kept crawling under the plywood and popping up and maniacally laughing at all the cards fluttering to the ground around him. I remember you kept saying something about having to get to the bowling alley for your purse before they closed, too….
    Oh and not that you need it AT. ALL. … but I wonder if they still make that “chocolate covered cherry” color? That was fun!


    • oooh that was a good color. all hair treatments should be named after delicious foods.

      I was thinking soething like “caramel chocolate cinnamon swirl” a sort of gingery. light brown concoction…mmmmm


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