I have been doing a lot of thinking about Christmas.

45 days until Christmas morning.

It is going to be a lean Christmas, obviously, but I hope that what we have most on Christmas morning is a thankful heart.

Connor knows what is going on and will not tell us anything he might want…it doesn’t make it any easier.

Corrigan has no clue about Christmas and while it would be fun to give him a pile of toys…he wouldn’t know any different if there were zero presents under the tree ( there will be more than zero…I have some new wooden puzzles put up for him)

I do know that the one thing he would love, and mom’s have been saying this since the beginning of transporting goods…

a BOX.


My cousin, Connie, passed on some of her son’s clothing to Corrigan.

She sent them down from Pittsburgh in an old box.

The first thing that I noticed was that the inside of the box was colored and painted.

I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to see Corrigan enjoying the same box that other children have obviously enjoyed.

The box almost seems magical…holding the memories of other imaginations.


Hand-me-down boxes. Who’d have thought?


Corrigan instantly spotted the winter boots that Connie sent down to us.  I think that he was pretending that the boot was a fishing pole…dipping it into, and outside, of the box for nearly an hour…



In and out…in and out

He never tired of the fun.

Christmas might be easier after all…

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    • Thanks Denise! A big ‘ol fridge box would be so cool…I would cringe at it sitting in my living room, we are working with very little space, but I bet Corrigan would love it!


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