making delicious

One of the positive things about having Mark home all of the time is that he has decided to teach himself to cook.

That means a lot of delicious new meals around the house…but it also means a LOT of dirty pots that I end up scrubbing.

You should see my biceps.

No wait.

You shouldn’t.


He has begun to include Connor in his cooking experiments, as a chef of course, not as an ingredient.



“Is this thing on?”


Mark prefers to cook in the late evenings. I can’t muster the energy to change into pajamas at 9pm, let alone saute some onions,  but that is when the kitchen starts getting exciting.

On the menu yesterday….homemade broccoli cheese soup and freshly made bread bowls.

Connor was in charge of the bread

bread bowl1 blog

All good chef’s should be shirtless when preparing…

bread bowl2 blog

Lots of hand kneeding…three types of cheeses…time to let them rise and then time to bake them golden brown

It actually took so long for the finished product that we had to pull Connor from bed in order to take this photo.

He was barely asleep…or barely awake…one or the other.

breadbowl 3 yum

The entire meal was delicious and the bread so much so that I asked him to make me some more, only this time in loaves, so that we can have some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches.

I am sooooooooo spoiled.

3 thoughts on “making delicious

  1. Tell Mr.Connor..Nana really REALLY likes “cheese bread”…I’m soooo jealous! Oh, but wait…the Lil Chef King will be visiting me soon and my kitchen has been lonely. *laughing*


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