a golden hour

Yesterday we went to the “zoo”.  I will post those photos tomorrow.

We also made it to church yesterday.  It was time. Time to stop being so fearful of germs.

Time to trust.

I didn’t take photos in church. I do have some sense.

After church, and the zoo, we went to the Constitution Park for a little picnic. 

Most of the leaves had fallen from the trees but they made for a beautiful carpet on the ground.

Ideal for a mama that takes photos.

Here are some of my favorite “people” shots from yesterday.

(captions under the photos this post…I still cannot decide if I prefer them before or after the photo)


My beautiful mom and sister.  I do not have enough photos of the two of them together.


Handsome Connor and Aunt Erica.


That’s my boy! Growing up way too fast.

erica and mindy 2009FRAMED

Me and my baby sister.  I get to see her again on Thanksgiving.  So cool.  (photo by Mark)


Connor and Corrigan playing “chase” in the woods.


Mr. “Independent” and his dirty little butt running away from me.


Corrigan and Mammaw playing in the leaves.


My mom had so much fun playing with Corrigan. I was surprised at how long he kept at it.


Balancing a leaf on his forehead. Kid has strange tricks.

leaves blog 1

leaves blog  2

leaves blog 3

leaves blog 4

7 thoughts on “a golden hour

  1. I was going to attempt to choose a favorite but I cannot. Each one I see I think OOOH thats the one! (Then I see the next….) You have captured fall fun. These are so lovely.


    • Thanks Steph..you know how it goes. Sometimes, everything just works out perfectly and you happen to have your camera with you. We actually didnt even plan on the park, we were going to picnic at the “zoo” but it was so stinky there we could not bear to eat and sniff at the same time. ha. Drove up to the park instead and ended up with some nice shots, especially for my mom who only wants photos of the grandkids for Christmas!


  2. Great photos!!! It was great to see you in church yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! Corrigan and Conner have grown so much since last time!

    Could you email me a photo of Corrigan for the Nursery Bulletin board? I never seem to have my camera when he is there : (



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