On Sunday we also decided to spend the wonderful, 73 degree  day at the local “zoo”. 

The quotation-marks are deliberate.

The italics? For effect.

Look at me all…innuendo and muted sarcasm with one word and some dashes.

Let’s just say that it felt like every single animal was eyeing Corrigan up as their next meal and little was there to prevent that from happening.  Erica remarked, in the tiger cage, that “this would make the best scene for a horror movie.” 

We all laughed heartily and then realized how absolutely right she was and quickly scurried over to the more harmless bobcats.

They keep the tigers in an old swimming pool.  One that I spent many hours swimming in when I was little. 

I have to admit that the creepiness factor was in full effect.


There were some beautiful creatures to be found though.

Like this beauty that was playing “shy”

When I used to swim here, I was not allowed in the deep end.  Bigger kids would do flips and twists off of diving boards and my 6-year old brain thought that it must have been at least 25 feet deep past the ropes.  I was scared.

I imagined sharks, eels, and wedgie-giving boys over there.

Never tigers.

Who knew?

This pretty birdie ( taken by Mark while Corrigan ate a really messy banana in my arms ) could say “hello” or “hi” or “beunos ares” or something.

*side note…when in a wooden shed housing parrots, snakes and pocket-sized monkeys…refrain from feeding your toddler bananas.  I am pretty sure it was like eating a 20 oz steak in front of a starving man. Cruel. and also kind of ear-splitting.

Also, avoid breathing through your nose. Or your mouth. Just figure something else out until you are finished looking.

Trust me.

We saw Charlotte at the zoo. She was walking all willy-nilly along the banister.

 I thought that she was really pretty the way the sun was hitting her.

This guy (girl?) was hysterical. Come on. Look at it. HYSTERICAL.

It was checking out my sister here. I am pretty sure it was undressing her with its eyes.

This guy was as aloof as could be.  We joked that he was quietly pondering when the right moment would be to bust through that ordinary backyard fencing that was penning him in.   There were signs that warned of electric fences but I don’t think anyone was buying it.

Certainly not King Simba here. 

I am convinced that we will one day see him in the news.

There is a nursing home nearby.

ooooooh boy.

not pretty.

(I’m kidding)

(kind of)

Finally, we spotted a rare stinky-bottomed, scallywag monkey. 

Native to the area but well travelled…it has been known to climb up dangerously high and sports a primal scream that is noticeable not only for its decibal but for it’s duration.

He was nearly albino and quite grumpy.

Endangered, certainly but protected lovingly by many people.

We hid him in the trunk safety-approved carseat and took him home. 

I’m gonna need more bananas!



*tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday.  All across the bloggy-world people post only a photo…preferably one that tells a story without…uh….words.   Originally, I was going to use “tiger in the window” up above but found something a bit funnier.  Get your caption-hats on…because I need a good laugh and want to read what you think the title should be in the comments tomorrow! Come back Wednesday to play!


One thought on ““zoo”

  1. You take fabulous photos! 🙂 I love the pics of the animals. I think the first one should be called: “Back away from the fence.” LOL… I think my favorite is the spider.


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