home again…

Spent the weekend at PapPap’s and Nana’s while the two local hospitals merged into one brand spankin’ new one.

  We didn’t want to take any chances that Corrigan might become citru-sick while the transition was taking place. Corrigan’s disorder requires extreme care and with so many changes, new faces and a new pharmacy we did not want to risk any mixups or delays due to the opening. 

 It was better to be closer to Hopkins while things started fresh in Cumberland.

We are so excited for our nurse friends to have such a state-of-the-art facility to care for our community.  We hope to never EVER have to utilize their services again…but in the event that Corrigan needs quick care we have no doubt that the combined staff of Braddock and Memorial campus will handle it with expert skill.

In the meantime, Mr. Corrigan did some swimming…

…in PapPap’s great big bathtub. It is quite possible that he splashed so excitedly that the ceiling nearly got soaked.

I am not telling.

It was great to see both Nana and PapPap and we hope to spend some more time with them shortly after the holidays.

As you can imagine there are tons more photos to post but since I am blogging every single day in November (yes, still!) I will save some to spread throughout the week.


4 thoughts on “home again…

  1. Hey Mindy!

    Sorry for being MIA for the last week or so. Heemie got sick again, and we were admitted again! And the approximately once a month routine continues… I have sooo much laundry piled up! haha. Anyways, hope you enjoyed your weekend at PapPap’s and Nana’s. 🙂

    Much love,


    • oh no Sairah! again? seems like our boys are going to follow the same path that stressful “first year” You handle it all with such good humor and grace though. Much UNLIKE I do!


  2. Whatever! I’ve read the blogs. The humor is there! 🙂 We do what we need to do, when we need to do it…and who better to do anything for, but our beautiful kiddies! (I’m pretty sure I messed up the punctuation there somewhere, haha)


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