brilliant, I say

Well, it is time to think about putting up the Christmas tree.

The problem is that Corrigan is a totally different kid than Connor was at age 1.

If I told Connor, “Don’t touch the tree!”

Connor would have rather died than touched the tree.



Clearly, I have lost my touch.


When I was growing up, of course, I thought that my parents were smart.

What I did not realize until many years later ( sorry about that ) is that they were not only smart…





How smart is that?

The Christmas tree in the playpen.

Um…I must have been more like Corrigan than Connor

Good grief. Look at that. That looks like Corrigan sitting there…in a dress.

Kind of neat.

Anyway, I just wanted to shout out my folks.

Who really thought outside of…er….inside of….uh….the box.


4 thoughts on “brilliant, I say

  1. My parents did the SAME exact thing when I was a kid!! That is hilarious! I thought they were the only crazy, er, I mean, brilliant, parent’s out there! Clearly not!! lol

    P.S. I am having so much fun going through your posts…old and new. Sorry if I become a comment freak…I will try to contain myself! So glad to be a new follower!!


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