I didn’t think I could do it.

I didn’t think I would have anything to share.

I didn’t think it would matter anyway because the blog gets too few views

( and fewer comments, ahem…you know who you are)

…but it worked out.  In fact, I think I am sort of sad to see it end.  No, I am not signing up for some other monthly thing, I kind of do need a break from the expectation of it, but I enjoyed it. 

Picked up a few new blog-friends along the way as well.


Learned a lot about other bloggers and their interesting lives.

NaBloPoMo was a fun. I only missed one day, the very first day, because I did not know about it. I only “cheated” with a one-sentence post once…I did it.

I do feel oddly satisfied.

Strange what self-discipline can do for a gal.

If only I could apply that to the doughnuts calling my name from the kitchen…

4 thoughts on “obligatory

  1. Ooh, donuts?! haha! Yay, you did it! You know I really enjoy your blog and even though I didn’t comment everyday, I read it everyday. Thanks for sharing! You give me so much strength when I’m feeling down about the whole Citrullinemia thing!


    • Sairah,
      You are my sunshine. (smile)
      You were a faithful commenter (and Steph, my girl!) and I appreciated every single one of them. Makes me feel like I am not just typing at the wall!
      Citrullinemia stinks. No doubt. We have to live it though…might as well live it honestly and happily <—–still working on that last part.

      btw…doughnuts or donuts? English confounds me!


  2. You did it! Yay for your fortitude! I know I am not woman enough to take on anything that involves an everyday challenge. Unless it is teeth brushing. That’s all I will concede. xoxox


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