you are not imagining it…this blog page is “snowing”

(If you are viewing this post in a blog feed/reader you will not see the “snow” falling on the page.)

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on to the post..

Corrigan was delighted to see snow this morning.

We opened the big window’s curtains so that he could climb up on the couch and see it.

He loves it and spent a considerable amount of time with his head on the back cushions staring at the white stuff.

This is the view I keep getting today.

Pretty falling snow…and toddler butt.

oh boy.

It seems to mesmerize him

I can’t help but take a lot of photos when the snow casts such pretty light on those baby blues.

It also casts a pretty light on nose crusties.

You are welcome for cloning the majority of those out

Tank has been fighting a little bit of a cold this week so I do not know if I should bundle him up and take him outside or not…

He really doesn’t like to touch grass or other strange things so I am not sure how he will react to snow on his hands.

Good grief, now I have to find out.

As soon as he wakes from his nap.

*off to poke at him so he will wake to play*

Happy wintery weekend to everyone!

2 thoughts on “you are not imagining it…this blog page is “snowing”

  1. As soon as I looked outside, my immediate thought was “Oh my goodness! Corrigan’s first REAL snow! Mindy had better be taking photos!”

    I was right! 🙂


    • anytime you think “mindy” and “photos” it sends a signal to my brain and I automatically do it. Must have been YOU that forced me to get my big butt out of this chair and grab my camera!


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