some random thoughts and a monkey

I thought that the hardest part of all of this special baby stuff was going to be calculating every single bite of food and all of its components plus shoving gently coaxing copious amounts of fluids down his piehole.

(only protein-free pie for that piehole, mind you)

What I forgot was that the special baby was going to someday get his sea legs and then…

well, then one day he was going to get his monkey legs.

and the hardest part isn’t what goes into his mouth…but keeping his teeth from getting knocked out of his mouth.

(I would like to think that those chunky thighs offer some sort of side-crash airbag protection)

Not only does he enjoy scaring me to death with his climbing antics…but he also fancies himself a circus performer.

( and yes, I know that it doesn’t seem that photographing said antics offers much in the way of preventative measures…but trust me, when he sees my camera he naturally acts as if I am stealing his soul and hides from me…so see? I am just trying to get him off of that ledge.)

Shortly after taking this photo he decided that using his hands to balance is soooo 2008 and stood on one foot, no hands…looking around like the cat that caught the canary.

Take that physical therapists.

There are so many things that I would like to call attention to in this photo. Won’t you humor me?


1. Notice that at least one parent in this house cares about toddler safety ( not me..the other parent) and removed the two closest glass shelves near the monkey’s head.

2. Send pants. Nobody wants to see what happens when the monkey gets that diaper off.

3. That giant foot is big brother’s ski shoe.  Seriously, this kid is going to be nine foot eleventy inches if his feet are any indication of heighth.

Height? height?…can’t I just have a proofreader on this blog? I can pay you in government cheese.

I am kidding! That would be illegal. 

*waits until the government agency backs away from the house*

(don’t you like poverty jokes? I do.   Meh. whatever gets me through it, ya know?)

4.  Reflection of our first real Christmas tree since we have had children. I would just like to say that I had no idea that when you purchase a real tree, and let it “settle” overnight, when you wake in the morning it will have quadrupled in size, its limbs literally consuming the entire livingroom. It’s okay. I don’t need to get to the front door for a few weeks. No really. We will be fine. (send emergency food with the baby pants)

5. Nice sharp corner. I think I can get it sharper though. Where is my file?

6. Anyone else have a mom that loved Home Interior parties when they were younger? We had several of these around the house…I specifically recall a baby blue one and a blood-red beauty. So far I have only found this amber piece at a flea market but really, I just want one in each color.

7.Woo hoo…trophies go in the most prominent place in our house. Except now that the nativity is out. Baby Jesus trumps Most Improved Player.

8. And finally…do you see who this is? Go and look again. Yep. You got it.

Pa Ingalls.

Michael “Charles Ingalls” Landon. The man of my dreams in 1981.

When your pastor offers to lend you DVD’s you certainly do not expect HBO shows but imagine my glee when he brought over the entire first season of Little House on the Prairie…oh! and even more awesome? The first season of The A-team, and it gets better…the entire first season of MacGyver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is like he lives in my brain.

We love Little House. All of us.

(If you ask Connor, he is required, by law, to look disgusted and mumble something about “YoUtUbe ROCKS!  ” if asked if he likes Little House but shhhh…we are on disc 4)

There is so much God talk in Little House. So much FAITH in every episode.

Not a chance in tv scheduling heck would something like this make it on television today…it is almost scandalous in its innocence.

It is the best television in the world.

This was the very sad episode, The Lord is my Shepherd (part 1) where Caroline’s baby boy died.

I thought that I was excited for the next episode of LOST when we still had cable tv.

Little did I know that what I was really itching for was something way cooler.

(someone watch the baby monkey…Mama has Part 2 to watch!)

Have a blessed Tuesday!



17 thoughts on “some random thoughts and a monkey

  1. You are funny, Mindy 🙂 – I think my heart would have stopped seeing the little guy dancing around like this. Oh wait, my heart did stop when our son did such wonderful acrobatic acts 🙂


    • Sairah,
      He is standing on the bass speaker for the sound system. After these photos, we moved the furniture a tiny bit apart and turned the speaker “longways” (as we say around here) flat against the wall because his biggest enemey was falling off of the one side. So now, it is like he has this nice bench to sit on and the furniture isnt so close ( though honestly, that is what he prefers, tight spaces..they make him feel safe)


  2. I came here to see your pictures and have just been laughing! And yes, I recognized Charles immediately. I’ve seen every episode, at least once…you’re right…no way in heck would that be permitted on tv now…especially prime time!


  3. HAHAHAHA you go Corr!! Thank goodness kids are made of rubber! Its funny but when looking at this I spied Connor’s foot right off and was all I SEE YOU I SEE YOU. Not in the creepy way… more in the I SPOTTED THE HIDDEN PICTURE IN THE BIG PICTURE AND DIDNT HAVE TO BACK UP STARING TIL I WAS BLURRY way. Love the look into your life. I miss that. (Oh… and I love Mary’s blind husband. mmmmmmmm)Dont even get me started on MacGyver. That man was yummilicious. And the things he could do with a toothpick and a dental filling. *swoon*


  4. He’s got mad climbing skills! What balance! :0)

    Little House on the Prairie, A-Team, AND MacGyver? You couldn’t have got a better selection.

    I enjoyed stopping over. I’ll be back.


  5. Haha! This reminds me of a slide photo we found when going through stuff from my grandparents house taken when my mother was a toddler. It looks like a cute photo of my mother as she sits on this wall with a great big expanse of water behind her, until we thought, hey wait a second, isn’t anyone worried she’s going to topple over backwards and drown? Well, thankfully she’s still with us!


  6. This was great to read.

    I love Monkey and his legs are as chunky as my little man-shakes. Don’t know why we call him that – I think it’s because he is as yummy as a milk-shake.

    But, I absolutely noticed Pa first.

    Must be the nostalgia.

    With love from SITS.



  7. This blog was funny. You should write more. I particularly chuckled when you acknowledge the fact that you were taking pictures when he was perched up there. My daughter was eating a cracker a little while ago and started choking a little. I sat on the couch for a second to see if she would fix it herself.

    She did.

    But I still feel guilty for taking the wait and see approach.


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