goodbye is too hard…

*Update 2 (2:13pm): Erica has 2nd degree burns on her arm from the airbag deployment and neck pain. The doctors feel good enough about sending her she is on her way home to rest.

Thankfully, it appears that someone might have got a tag number on the truck that hit her so the police are investigating further..they really need to find this guy so that she can be compensated for the total loss of her car and ongoing care for her neck pain and other medical bills.

There was a tractor trailer behind her when the accident occurred and he was able to stop and block traffic to prevent a secondary accident (which are usually the cause of death in I95 accidents) and he stayed on the scene until it was over. That is a good citizen, eh? Protecting others with his rig..truck drivers don’t get enough credit for the things they do…like bringing me my coffee from the train/boat to the grocery store. HEROES I tell ya. ha.

My little sister has had a rough two months but she is a tough tough cookie. Things like this accident are reasons that I wish she could live in my pocket instead of out in the big scary world but I know that everyone has to live their own life.

Plus, my pockets are kind of full of lint and she has allergies.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. The internet can be a very good thing sometimes.



Update 1*not 10 minutes after posting this entry, my sister was in a car vs. dumptruck accident on I-95.  She is conscious but injured. Her car is totalled. Please say a prayer for her if you wouldn’t mind.


All weekend she kept saying, “It’s not like I am leaving for Iraq or dying or something”

It still didn’t stop the tears from flowing when I had to tell her goodbye in the driveway.

Georgia seems so far away to me.

You have to remember that I leave the house every 5 days or so.

A trip to Walmart seems like asking too much.

Georgia might as well be the moon.

She is doing what she feels she should do.

She is one of the smartest people that I know…so I support her too.

Plus, there are two kids that need her far more than I do.

(not really, I neeeeeeeeeed you Erica! ha! no seriously, Im a wussy without you)

Remember how I said that Corrigan is not doing much talking?

Well, guess what he walks around saying a thousand times a day, much to the pain of my heart?

You got it.

“erica! erica! erica!”

but more like “Air-kah! Air-kah!”

Who knew that words could feel just like tiny little knives?

I love you sistah.

5 thoughts on “goodbye is too hard…

  1. I’m sorry…you can call me whenever you want. I’s pretty alone too…just the hubby and kids, but you know what I mean. Girlfriends.

    I’ll pray for her all day and night till she returns safely home.




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