second verse amnesia


I really enjoy classic Christmas carols.  Stevie Nicks screeching “Silent Night” does not count.

The problem that I have involves second verse amnesia.

Well, perhaps it is really “all subsequent verses following the first” amnesia…but that is kind of hard to abbreviate.

I have tried to cure my SVA by purchasing several Christmas cd’s and playing them over and over…but for some bizarre reason the other verses will NOT stick.

The only carol that I think I may, one day, be able to fully memorize is “Silent Night”

I get pretty excited when the second verse begins and I am all….”Silent night, holy night, Shepherds quake, at the sight….”

check me out, not even looking at the hymnal…and then suddenly…utter blankness.


I know that there is an Alleluia coming up but my brain scrambles to think what preceeds that. What rhymes with ALLELUIA?!?!?!?!?!?!



Heaven Afar.


Got it.




and as if I could not get any more confused…

Alleluia vs. hallelujah?

Latin vs Hebrew.

and then there is Carol vs. Carole

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carole

I think that they British spelling on almost anything is better.

I really looooooove extra vowels? See what I did there? loooooooove?<–all of those o’s? No?


Merry Christmas Friends.

Grab your favourite (ha!) Christmas carol(e) and sing your hearts out!

It really only matters that you are singing with praise anyway, right?




4 thoughts on “second verse amnesia

    • Jon, from Stuff Christians, says that if you find yourself not knowing a hymn to simply mouth the words WATERMELON WATERMELON over and over…try it…looks like you know what you are doing! ha


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