14 thoughts on “(mostly)Wordless Wednesday : family heirloom

  1. That nativity is really beautiful and those photographs are definitely AMAZING! Don’t you love having beautiful heirlooms that you know you will be able to share with your children? The only problem is deciding who gets what if you have more than one child!

    I’m stopping by from SITS! I wanted to share a bit of comment l♥ve. I hope you’ll have a moment to come by and visit me, too. :0)

    I pray you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Teresa <



  2. That is a beautiful set. I’m almost ready to bring out the Precious Moments Nativity set I have, though this year we are making do with a Veggie Tale set.


  3. I can still remember when Dorothy Lapp gave this nativity set to my Mother. You would have thought she recieved a million dollars.There was such a bond between those two as neighbors. You don’t see much of that any more.That’s sad.Please take treasured care of it Daughter and teach those who may recieve it how much sentimental value it holds. Merry Christmas. I love you very much. Dad


    • awww Dad I had hoped that you would see it and be glad that we were taking good care of it. Get this, we plugged it in and the thing STILL works..the lightbulb is as good as new! I was shocked! The plug is so tiny too. Wonder if it is UL listed? I am afraid to keep it plugged in. Two little Nield granddaughters picked off a few of the “gems” off of some of the camels many many moons ago, but I still even have the newspaper and fabric that each piece was wrapped in!

      Love you much too. (((hugs)))


  4. Putting this nativity out each Christmas with you, sister, was my favorite part. Each piece was wrapped up individually and uncovering each “mystery” piece was like opening an amazing Christmas present. It warms my heart to be able to see it from so far away 🙂 It is evident the time,effort, and love Mrs. Lapp put into each and every piece.


    • Erica!!!!!! ( I jumped when I saw that you were back online!)
      I know, right? I mean…remember how they laid it all out with the green fabric and the little lumps of hay for the animals to lay on….behind the nativity would be the shepherds (they even made a little hill for them to stand on) it was all so magical. I cannot put it on my ground, under the tree, because Corrigan or the dog would break the pieces but I am just happy to have it in my possession.

      Mom gave me another really old photo of her and Aunt Kitty (to add to the albums) this week and I was so happy to have it…she was in her 20’s…and I love being a keeper of those memories. Its so cool.

      mindy~ (love you!)


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