My resolution for 2010 is to become as much of a cliche as possible.

Therefore, I am going to lose weight.

And then gain back twice the amount.

oh and I have to start smoking. Today. so that I can start trying to quit…before midnight. Tonight.

But in all seriousness…I did all of my measurements this morning…just in case I really do decide to try and get some of this weight off…and I am pleased to announce that I have a pretty awesome hourglass figure. 

 Both my bosom and my hips measure exactly the same and my waist is smaller than the previous two…so, technically, KABLAM!  Hourglass. Right?

Well, the fact is that I am now one pound heavier than the very day I went in to give birth to Corrigan, 19 months ago.

According to those fancy-schmancy medical charts, (I am 5′ 9″)I am now 40lbs heavier than the top end of my “ideal” weight.

My BMI is 40.

Can you say, “offically morbidly obese?”

That is awful.

Apparently I am a stress eater…or a “never leave the house, life is so anxiety-ridden, we don’t have T.V., I am bored…ooooooh government cheese!”  eater. 

(just in case you are too young to remember,, can’t have my stupid references not making any sense…uh…on purpose)

I can’t do diets.  I can’t even do “health improvements”

Last night I randomly decided that before I could have a cup of coffee I had to drink 8 ounces of water.

That goes for each cup of coffee.

I drink a lot of coffee.

This morning, while in the process of pouring a cup of water I spotted the spice rack on top of the watercooler, saw Red Pepper Flakes, thought to myself, “Hmmm…spicy” then flashed a mental picture of hot wings and suddenly was ravenous.

I glared at my cup of water.

I had only been awake 6 minutes.

2010 is going to be a really long year.

 Speaking of a year…check out this link…it is my photojojo time capsule. This is Little C last year…my how a year changes things!


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