a really good day.

Today was a really good day.


Which is amazing considering the amount of sleep deprivation I am living with.

The night before last, Connor stayed the night with a friend. Typical of those nights that he is away from home, I slept with both cell phones in the bedroom.

Just in case.

I couldn’t sleep that evening. Perhaps too much caffeine, I don’t know.  No problem, nothing to do the next morning anyway…so I started my new blog in the wee hours of the morning (www.mooney365.wordpress.com) and finally tumbled into bed at 3am.

At 4am I was startled, and do not exaggerate how absolutely heart-stopping it was to hear my phone ring at that hour, especially when one of my children was away from home, only to have answered it breathlessly and found that it was….as Mark delicately put it…a “booty-call”

“Hey!” I heard..the voice soft and low-toned.

I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that surely the State Police would not use a scratchy, near-whisper, to call me about some horrible accident my son had been in…

“Excuse me? What?” I asked…heart pounding?

“Hey” he repeated, dragging out the second half of the short word, and then silence.

“Um, this is Mrs. Mooney…Connor’s mom….is everything okay? Who is this?” I nearly yelled.

“Oh, wait” he replied, “Didn’t I meet you tonight at (name of local bar/club)?”

Oh dear Lord. It took every ounce of “ladylike behavior” that my mother pounded into my very character to not go insane on this idiot….did he not know the heart attack he had given me?

Who the heck gets a phone number from a chick at 2am and calls her with a sexy voice at 4am? Is that how it works these days with young people? (listen to me sounding all old and crotchety)

For real?

He totally had his “c’mere to my place” voice ‘a going…he thought he was calling up this girl for some after hours fun.

I hung up quickly and then laughed.

She totally gave him the wrong digits. Dude, you were punked. ha.

But then I couldn’t sleep for another few hours.

Thanks skanky dude.

Last night, Corrigan woke me at 2:30am over the monitor.  He was cooing and laughing and singing his little heart out. I went in to check on him and tried to shush him back to sleep because his brother had to get up for church in a few hours.

Cor was having none of it. He bounced and laughed some more, obviously awake, so I took him from his bed and brought him out to the pitch-black livingroom in which he spent the next 2 hours flying around like a caffeinated bat… back and forth in near darkness.  He was laughing and babbling so loudly that Mark came out to see if he had missed an invite to a party.

It was too cute to get too upset about. Corrigan seemed delighted to play in the dark and I enjoyed recording his conversations with himself, though obviously the video is just black.

Nothing but Cor’s voice giving some imaginary something a stern lecture and a giggling mama behind the camera…tickled that his little voice is still so baby-like even though the rest of him is growing into quite the little boy.

We all got up later than we had planned and Corrigan went on with his day in the same amazingly good mood that he woke with at 2:30 am. Contrary to my fear that he would be a tired little monster all day.

He humored us all through dinner as he chattered and sang,with one dirty little foot slipped from his high-chair and propped up on the table (ewww), shoving yogurt-bites in his mouth and loving being the center of attention.  He was just so loving and pleasant and vocal that it took away my stress and worries and made them all seem pretty far away as the day went on.

And there is a lot of stress right now ( more on that later in the week) so it was welcomed.

and loved.

Thanks Corrigan. For having a really good day.


12 thoughts on “a really good day.

  1. Sorry about the lack of sleep but I bet had you been in a rested state of mind you would have had that poor wrong number sap breathing heavy and worked up to a state until you crushed him with your IM-A-MAMA-GET-OFF-MY-PHONE-YOU-NIMROD. Oh how Id have loved to hear about that one.


    • Steph,
      It was so funny once I realized what happened. I was more tickled with the thought of him standing in the bar, confidently, as some chick scribbled her number for him..only to realize, hours later, that she totally gave him the wrong one. muahahahahahahahaha.

      Sucks that it woke me, but I totally wanted to lecture him more than yell at him once I realized.

      oh but yeah, had I been rested? watch out.


  2. I’m glad you guys had a good day! The booty call was hilarious! Hope you catch up on your sleep soon. You know, when he naps during the day, you should take a quick nap too.


    • Sairah,
      He is napping now and here I am…typing. Connor will be home from school in about 2 minutes and I don’t want him to walk in and think that mama sleeps all day and lives in her jammies so I make it a point to never be sleeping, and be dressed in regular clothes, just so he doesnt think I am a bum. ha!


  3. Don’t you just love that?

    No matter what, I can always snuggle in and focus on my babies and it makes everything alright. the more they babble the more whatever ails me melts away. Then there are those days … you know the ones. Where they are impossible. Regardless, the few moments they give me of non existent exorcist love is wonderful.

    What’s up Booty Call?




    • Cristina,
      Were you asking what a booty call is?
      Oh boy, okay let me just copy and paste…and add a disclaimer that I have never participated in, nor condone such calls.
      Copy and paste:
      A booty call is a telephone call, other communication, or visitation made with the sole intent of arranging a meeting for sexual acts with the person being contacted. It is associated with casual sex between people who have established a casual relationship, “friends with benefits”, or more serious relationship that involves sexual relations. It is not to be confused with phone sex.

      It is absolutely frightening how young people, these days, are so casual about sexual activity (starting in middle school I am learning) and that “booty calls” and “friends with benefits” is the new acceptable behavior. Scary, isn’t it?


    • Tina,
      All I can say is sleep a lot now. ha. Though not all kids, thankfully, are as bad a sleeper as Corrigan. From the moms conversations on the May2008 BabyCenter boards, they have been sleeping through the night since month 5 or 6 ( lucky ladies! ) so I think that Corrigan is not the norm. My luck, I tell ya.


    • meh, he was up at 2:30am, on the dot, last night as well. THis time, I made his older brother go sleep in our room (which has a white noise machine and is better insulated against sound) and I hit the couch to try and let him “cry it out” However, Corrigan didnt feel like crying, at all, he just wanted to “talk” and sing and squeal and practice making strange sounds with his voice…for HOURS. He laid in his bed ( I watched intermittantly on the video monitor) and played with his toes while chattering in his baby language unconcerned about sleep.

      You can hear everything out in the livingroom so I couldnt sleep but at least he didnt cry til he puked like he has done before when we tried to sleep train him.

      maybe TONIGHT will be better???


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