syrup snitcher


Not too much to report.  It is still freezing cold and we are huddled indoors, keeping busy doing all sorts of interesting toddler dances and keeping the heat so high we don’t need clothes.

And by “we” I mean, “Corrigan” because really, no explanation needed.

There isn’t a lot to do sometimes. A toddler might find himself a bit bored.

The fridge, well…there is so much to do in there.

Wait…is that….chocolate?

Yep, Corrigan has a chocolate syrup problem.

It makes for the most delicious baby kisses ever.

It also makes him delirious

I present to the court…exhibit A.


Corrigan had therapy today and it went pretty well. 

 I know I have said it before but he really does adore Ms. Michelle.

He, literally, did a little jig when he saw her walk in the door.

Wouldn’t you if a pretty lady showed up and did nothing but play with you, sing happy songs and tell you you’re awesome?

Here is a smidge of Cor working hard with Ms. Michelle.

I am particularly pleased with

1) He is holding the pen better than ever. Granted, upside down, but still. Improvement.

2) He is totally using the proper inflection when he attempts to repeat “dot dot dot”

3) Mammaw got him this Crayola GlowStation for Christmas. WIN!!!!!!  Ms. Michelle was really impressed with how well it figures in to his therapy without being messy, but still stimulating and attention-grabbing. Way to go Mammaw!

4) May I just mention that Corrigan is nearly fully clothed? So rare.
Stay warm everyone.

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13 thoughts on “syrup snitcher

    • Speaking of coffee creamer, I am down to 1/2 cup and a snowstorm is predicted, PLUS no sugar….FOUR BAGS OF FLOUR in this house and no sugar…this is a national emergency!


  1. Mindy, I just found you through your commenting on my blog…I see we somehow have Photojo in common. 🙂 I have thoroughly enjoyed reading here and seeing your boys – they are so precious! The “Suspicious Christmas” photo was most excellent and I’ll definitely be back!


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