Inside the Toddler Acting Studio


Entire post imagined read (rhymed with fred because if you read that reed then this makes no sense) with a James Lipton accent…no wait!


How about reading it with a ” Will Ferell does James Lipton” accent instead!

Ha. I am delirious.  Must. Consume. Coffee. Before. Blogging.


“Trying to categorize today’s guest is like trying to catch lightning in a butterfly net…as an actor he has received 4 Oscar (Meyer) nominations.  He has won 5 Golden (Grahams). He has a lifelong love of expensive wines baby formula and has honed his furniture rappelling skills to that of Olympic proportions (should there be such a category for competition) This is only a partial list of achievements…but listing them all would only delay the moment when I get to say, “The Actors Studio introduces Corrigan “James Dean” Mooney!”

:::: wild applause::::

Thank you for joining us Corrigan. I know that you are busy man so let’s get right to the meat of your skill.

I’d like to share with our audience some clips of your greatest acting moments.

May I just say, without sounding like a flatterer….nay, an apple polisher…bootlicker…sycophant…that your most dynamic performance was during the scene in “A Dirty Window that Mama Never Cleans” when your character,  Steven McJamison-Henry Portenbocker, found himself at a crossroads.  The moment that he realized that he was going have to choose between enjoying a g-rated movie on DVD or watch his doggie take a poop on the sidewalk.

I was moved beyond words.

Roll Tape.





“Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it…some of the greatest scenes in toddler-emoting history”

Subtle, restrained…a gift beyond his years

In the words of the illustrious “Larry, the Cucumber” from the critically acclaimed “Veggie Tales” series I quote…”I laughed, I cried, It moved me Bob”

::::appreciative applause….studio lights dim:::::


Edited to add:

Friends, I know that I tend to try and keep things ” light” on this blog…sometimes I fail and find myself whining…but today I come to you and find myself begging.

Little Avalon is having surgery tomorrow ( ) A surgery that leaves two options…she will either be permanently mute for life or paralyzed. This surgery is the result of a botched previous surgery in which the professional dropped something into her brain and it is impaled in her brain stem. The ONLY thing that her mama asks for is prayer.   She is asking that everyone tell EVERYONE so that tonight, on this eve of a terrible surgery, the world can join in prayer for her brave little girl.  Please, keep Avalon and her family in your prayers.  They need us more than ever.

8 thoughts on “Inside the Toddler Acting Studio

  1. Hey there, stopping by from SITS! Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    Those photos are awesome, and the descriptions are perfect. How much fun you’ll have showing these at his wedding. Mua-ha-ha. 🙂

    Have an Extraordinary Day!


  2. Thanks so much fro stopping by my blog…and for the “real”comment. I try to leave real comments too on Sharefest Day…want to see if something strikes me.

    This is one of the cutest and most entertaining posts I have ever seen. The way you set it up and everything and your little one is a cutie pie!



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