13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : Mark version 3.0

  1. You know what I like…Corrigan’s shoes are so clean and new, like he is just starting life, so much to learn, so many places to travel. I’m assuming the bigger shoes are Mark’s? They are a little more worn in and scuffed. He’s experience some of what life has to offer….very cool pic Mindy!!!


  2. I commented on flickr about how much I just LOVE this shot but I have to comment here too. This is definitely one of my favorite photos you have ever taken, woman! I absolutely adore it. xoxox


    • aww Steph THANK YOU….as soon as I saw these little shoes in the store I knew I had to do this photo..and to be honest, it bugs me that it is not composed better…but Corrigan moves FAST.


  3. Sooooo cute. I love the pic.

    And your comment over at 5MFM totally made me laugh out loud. NOT easy to do that early in the a.m. before my coffee fix. And yeah, I think I have a few folks like that in my life. I wish I so quietly walked away as Rustico does 😦 Me and my big trap. . .


  4. I could have commented on your more recent post, but I saw this and had to stop over and see it. I LOVE this pic. Pics like these are my fav. this is a new take on the usual Daddy’s hand in baby’s hand. You know the one I mean?

    Loves it.




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