on a whisper it came…

One wintry afternoon, our hero was enjoying a breeze upon his face and the soft ground beneath his feet when he heard the whisper…his body tensed as he froze and listened carefully.

“Naptime” it hissed…and he almost believed that he had imagined the words.

“Time to go inside…”  he heard slither smoothly along the wind and he clenched his fists in preparation for battle.

Muscles taut with anticipation he turned quickly to his right, certain that the whirl of danger had come from that direction.

He sniffed the air and waited.

From around the other side of the house the enemy slipped up almost undetected. 

“C’mon little buddy….you need your rest”  he felt breathed directly into his face.

He lifted his arm in anticipation of the first blow, quickly pivoted his hips and turned to face the challenge head-on

He had faced this opponent before. He knew that the battle was fierce and a quiver of doubt crept up his spine when he silently reminded himself that his foe was enormous, smelling of Pantene shampoo and coffee-breathed kisses…arms longer than any he had ever seen before.

His adversary rarely fought fair, attacking with a beguiling smile, a warm blanket and a soft kiss to his forehead as he found himself lowered to the mattress….the battle forfeited to a soft lullaby but hardly defeated forever.

Our brave hero vowed to never stop fighting his nemesis…no matter the cost.

He raised his hands to prepare for today’s trial…and planted his feet.

“Not today, naptime, not today” he said silently.

With every ounce of effort his 20-month old form could muster he struck out quickly.

The Naptime Rascal felt the full brunt of energy from Corrigan’s blow and was instantly cuffed from the air… its power deflated in one smooth motion.

Our hero stood briefly above his foe’s limp form…drew no satisfaction from its defeat but was emboldened by this rare win…he gathered strength from the moment, determined to fight just as hard again tomorrow…when once again this contestant of sleep came calling his name.

Drawing back his shoulders he stood tall and turned quickly away…the late-afternoon sun warming his back as he moved onward to other adventures.

Today he could count victorious.

25 thoughts on “on a whisper it came…

  1. Thanks for stopping by…..if I liked Key Lime Pie it might have been a different outcome. And you’re right about old photos no matter who is in them….I enjoyed looking at the clothes, furniture, etc., as much as the faces.


  2. Thank you so much for the, um, snotty baby suggestion. =) That thing looks insane! I’ll bet it does work, though – those Europeans seem to know a thing or two. I may be ordering one. I had never heard of that, but WOW.


    • Jessica, I know…right? It’s REALLY hard to get your mind in the right palce to use it…ick…but it’s SO effective and you know how we moms will do ANYTHING to ease our kid’s disomfort…so we “suck it up” ( hahah, pun…er) and do what we have to!


  3. Oh my gosh, LOVE it! What a cute kid. I love his boxing stance….poor naptime monster. I hope she gets the chance to defend her title once more.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  4. I’ve read all the way to the bottom and plan on going over your whole blog and then following it a reader. You have me captivated with your writing and the pictures are priceless. I hadn’t ever heard of your little guys disorder but, not only he and others will have my prayers; I plan on contributing. God bless you for dealing with something so difficult. Nothing worse than seeing your child in pain. He is obviously worth every decision you have had to make. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I hope you come back soon when you need a light hearted moment. I’ll definately be back to visit you.


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  6. Here are, 8 years later. The little man I called “Tank” is still taking on all adversaries with the same vehemence of his first years! What a fighter!


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