oh he loved it…(not)

Aside from the one time that I brought a bowl of snow into the kitchen for him to play with…Corrigan has never really experienced snow.

I can think of no better time to…uh…get your feet wet…then after 3 feet of the fluffy stuff is dumped onto your front lawn.

Courtesy of Connor’s hard work shoveling the sidewalks, Corrigan finally got his chance to play.

The last time I took Corrigan outside when it was cold, my attempts to keep his gloves on were foiled again and again.

Well, foil me once..shame on you..foil me twice…mama gets the butcher’s tape.


He padded around a few steps, stared awkwardly at the snowflakes and immediately decided that he hated it.




We tried to encourage him to explore a little more but when he fell face-first into the snow pile I knew I should have just packed it in.


He was not pleased

Not pleased at all.

In case you thought I was kidding about how pleased he was…

Exhibit 3


Not even mommy kisses helped much and those are usually miraculous.


I tried to distract him some more but we really should have given up…but when it takes you longer to bundle the booger up than he wants to play outside…you want to make it last.


But his boots were just a tad bit too big still…so they kept twisting off of his foot

(and I was sweating to death despite the cold air)


so we tried a few more minutes and then we packed it in…

  On a success scale of 1-10…ten being that he loved it more than Veggie Tales and one being that he would rather eat sand…it was, maybe, a 1.245923021

Oh well, maybe next year.

(more snow photos, sans people, in post below)

11 thoughts on “oh he loved it…(not)

  1. Aw, poor little fellow. We haven’t yet put Paloma in the snow — I can’t see that it would be much fun with her not walking yet. But the tape idea is brilliant and I’m filing it away for future use!


  2. Hi, Getting use to snow is a hard this to do. I live in Michigan and have all of my life. Still not use to it. Just don’t care for it, but it is beautiful. Give your little guy time and when he is older he will love sleding with his frieds. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you visit again soon. I love being inspired by other peoples work. Now get that pen and paper out and start drawing….thanks again.


  3. Aw, what a cutie! He’ll love the snow in another year or two. My five year old would live out in the snow if I let him. The problem is Mommy doesn’t like to freeze to death. And it is a big hassle to get all those clothes on them. I usually work up a sweat just from that!


    • Kat, I could make it…it is not far from me…but I do not blog for profit or anything…just for fun so I dont know if any of the topics relate to me.


  4. Stopping by from SITS – We traveled last weekend so my little guy saw snow for the first time since he was 4 months old… at 3 1/2 he wasn’t overly impressed either, but by the end of the weekend had figured out how to walk on the ice 🙂 Hoping your little guy learns to love snow next time.


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