for the record…Gimli is my favorite

6-18 more inches.

Depends on who you ask.

On top of the nearly 3 feet of snow we got a few days ago…I feel like we might not ever leave the house again.

Not that “we” left all that often…but nothing like a good ‘ol snow entombment to make you appreciate a trip to the laundromat.

Nothing screams exotic vacation like the over-powering scent of dryersheets, a handful of quarters and corn chips when you have been snowed in for a week, you know what I mean?

We are all a bit giddy.

But we are managing.  Last night we moved around the livingroom furniture, blew up the air mattress and noshed on bowls of homemade caramel popcorn (thanks Mark!) while watching the last installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

If you would have asked me six months ago about those movies I would have said something like, ” I don’t play dungeons and dragons, nerd boy”

and that wouldn’t have been very nice…

I didn’t know Minas Tirith from Ost in Edhil…can you believe that?


It had me on the edge of my seat  mattress.

Shelob, the spider, haunted my dreams last night.

Good thing Eeomer, son of Eomund,  married me and together we defeated the orcs that were trying to get us to buy a condo in Anaheim, California.

I am reading Fast Food Nation.. the start of the fast food industry was in Anaheim and you know how dreams are…things just get slapped all made perfect sense in my dream…but seriously…that movie haunted me all night long.

Now I am totally geeked out about The Hobbit movie due out (hopefully) Christmas 2011.

For the record though, I am blaming the geekdom on the snowstorm…the walls are closing in, we do not have cable television and I did not plan ahead for enough frozen pizzas…the world of the Hobbit seems so much more appealing than Cumberland right now.

I mean, have you seen the Shire?

*Many thanks to Mark for not killing me for wringing my hands and whispering sadly, “Gimli gets killed here doesn’t he?” throughout three movies.  I love that dwarf….I needed him to live.





13 thoughts on “for the record…Gimli is my favorite

  1. Great post! I dream of a house in the shire! I didn’t know “The Hobbit” was coming out! I thought they should have made that first since it is the best book in my opinion. Thanks for visiting me today via SITS!


  2. I agree with comment number 8. You have a very nice writing style! And your pictures are awesome! Your son is very cute too. I live in Texas, no hope of snow here. In fact they said it might freeze today but nope. Just cold, rainy and pretty much miserable. I’ve also watched LOR with my hubby (sort of under duress, only one TV) and yeah, getting used to it. Glad to hear about The Hobbit. I’m sure he’ll want me to go see it. I saw you on SITs too. Your blog is going in my favorites. Thanks for sharing your life with the world.



  3. OMG I thought this post was about MY DOG. Yes, my dog is named Gimli. Yes we are big fat nerds. Yes we like it that way.
    Welcome to geekdom! (Now go read the books and your mind will REALLY be blown 🙂 )


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