it almost wasn’t

The other day I tried to capture a moment with my camera…but my external flash was not ready to fire and I suppose that I didn’t really catch it after all. When I realized I missed it (Corrigan takes flight the moment he sees my camera these days) I could have cried…when I uploaded to the computer the Jpeg was black…I thought it was gone.

I tweaked it as much as I could in ACR (thank goodness for shooting RAW)  and I know that it will never be able to even be printed but I have it…and that is all that matters.

Connor and Corrigan, totally chilling out together…it was so crazy to me how much Corrigan looked liked Connor laying there…it was like having Little Connor and Big Connor sitting there in some strange time-travel moment.

And right as I lifted my camera, Corrigan turned my direction….and gave me a look I had never seen before….and I clicked the shutter.

My Valentine’s…My Hearts….My Boys.

2 thoughts on “it almost wasn’t

  1. Oh my goodness, Mindy. This picture is a TREASURE! It’s one that they’ll both love in the years to come, and you….well, of course you’ll cherish it. So, so sweet. I’ll bet it’s a huge blessing to see their relationship develop.

    Thank you for the sweet compliment on my blog! It made me feel really good, because oftentimes as I’m composing a post I think, “These people don’t know my daughter….do they really care about all of these pictures?” I usually include as many as I can, anyway, because I love them all so much and I can’t choose!

    Blessings to you today!


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