the mysterious appearance of the pre-teen

There had been stories passed down for years…of the elusive Big C.

Legend had it that he had singlehandedly (literally, one hand on his sword…the other on an xbox controller) dispatched 4 Ninja (Ninja? Ninjas? Ninjai?) to the Great Beyond.

He was thought to have disappearend into the foggy realms of  social networking sites, occasionally appearing to eat a meal or do some homework…rarely caught on film.

His mother proclaimed his existence…though judging by the ratio of photos of Big C to Little C…she found herself mostly silent on the issue…mainly out of shame that it looked like she had only one boy-child, if one were to judge that by the photos on her blog.

The Mama is proud of both of her boys…loves them both fiercely…however the youngest is more easily captured on film because of his age (and inability to operate doorknobs)…and the oldest doesn’t do strange things to attract his mother’s camera like the toddler does.

The wait is over though…there is photographic evidence that Big C, otherwise known as Connor, exists.

Twelve and a half years old…straight A’s…kind, considerate and doesn’t stink at all.

You have to be careful though…looking directly into his eyes might cause health issues…

Did you feel that? Heart palpitations? You should have a doctor take a listen…

You think that he is a health hazard when cloaked…you should pretty much avert your eyes when he removes the distracting hood.

*Whistles* those poor middle-school girls must not know what hit ’em.

( Connor is totally going to kill me for this post )

In all seriousness, this kid…

…is amazing.  I don’t deserve him at all

There is something to be said for middle-school humor…Connor had middle-school humor in 3rd grade and a grown-up sense of humor, wit really, since 5th…this kid cracks me up on an adult level…and often at the exact moment that I need to laugh.

Oh, and he once remarked that I was as beautiful as Medusa…before she was cursed.

(Apparently, that is a HUGE compliment)

But I dunno…I think as far as good looking creatures that have eyes that could stop you in your tracks…

 Connor has them all beat.




5 thoughts on “the mysterious appearance of the pre-teen

  1. Is it okay to just sit here and sigh? That we have a hand in producing such beauty is simply unfathomable. Love these shots, Rhi. He is a keeper.
    Oh and PS— I think its Ninjai. And if it is not, it should be. xoxox


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