Y chromosome


(Corrigan with his Valentine’s Day balloons)

This kid.

oy vey.

I knew I would not get another “Connor” when I was pregnant with Corrigan.  The chances of hitting that jackpot had to be about a gajillion to one…but it is quite a shock to raise a 100% different child.

The term “all boy” is tossed around this house a lot.

I think it should be “all climbing monkey/charging bull/stubborn donkey/boy”

He has no self-preservation instinct.  He doesn’t seem to “learn” that bouncing on the edge of the couch, eyes closed like a rabid bunny rabbit leads to bonked skulls.

He has fallen from the same chair ten times.  He climbs things he should know by now are going to tip over…he has no regard for his safety and a high tolerance for pain.

He doesn’t care how messy, stinky or sticky something is…he wants to play in it.

He likes to sweep his hands through the piles of dog hair that I broom-sweep into piles…gross.

He will sit and run his fingers through the dirty snow melts from the bottom of people’s boots when they visit.

He will splash his hands in the toilet…even if his brother just used it and and FORGOT.TO.FLUSH.

He might even, as I came running down the hall to grab his dripping hands, chose that very moment to take his pee-soaked fingers and rub his eyes.


He isn’t moved by forceful “no’s”, swats on his bottom, swats on his hands or time-outs.  He couldn’t care less about how hot something is or how sharp it might be…he wants to live his life at 156 MPH and it is frightening and hysterical at the same time.

He is clumsy and happy about it. 

He is grumpy and unapologetic.

He is goofy and generous with his smiles.

He is loud and fond of the sound of his voice.

He is Corrigan.

Oh boy.


and boy, aren’t we so lucky to have him?


5 thoughts on “Y chromosome

  1. You are indeed very blessed to have him! He sounds so much like my nephew. When he was two, he was into EVERYTHING – and I mean everything. I remember that Christmas, he tried to plug the Christmas tree into the outlet and he got a pretty good ‘shock’. It did NOT phase the boy! He turned right around and went right back and did it again. Absolutely NOTHING scared him. NOTHING was too big, NOTHING was too scary. He was going to do it again and again. My sister tried every type of discipline she could think of and nothing changed his behavior. He was going to do what he wanted to do. He was never interested in toys or any kind of normal kid stuff. His favorite thing was trying to figure out how things work. He has always been like that and he still is. However, about two weeks ago, he turned 17 and now he is the most kind, loving, GENTLEman you could ever meet and he is brilliant! He is very sensitive and considerate in all that he does. Now the owner of a brand new sedan, he is a safe and careful driver, concerned about the safety of himself, others AND his car. I would never tell anyone, but he has always been my favorite nephew and I have several! :0)

    Hang in there!

    Teresa <


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