his first fat lip

Today Corrigan went to his first swim party. Thankfully, the birthday girl’s parents chose an indoor swimming pool…what with the 15 degree wind chill and 3 feet of snow.

At first, Corrigan was uneasy about the pool. Which is strange because there is nobody that loves a bath more than Corrigan.

Eventually, he remembered his insane need to splash when in water and Uncle Daniel was the unfortunate recipient of the chlorine waves.

Lots and lots of splashing…

There might have been even more splashing….but nobody in this photo is capable of explaining anything because they drowned. From the splashing…

After awhile Corrigan had enough and wanted out.

and set to exploring. 

I love this photo…to see a dripping little baby in a swim diaper standing in front of mountains of snow just inches beyond the glass…it tickles me.

Definitely a February swim party in Allegany County.

He went off in search of birthday cake…but instead found tragedy.

No photos of the event…I had moments earlier put my camera down because I just knew he was going to slip and Corrigan doesn’t understand “Hold my hand, slow down, oh dear crimeny STOP” and sure enough, he did.

Or didn’t.

Did fall. Didn’t stop.

100% face-plant onto the floor.

Copious amounts of blood staunched by bright white (hotel provided, thank goodness) beach towels…and then the only thing that would make things better.

A hug from his pal, Buddy, and lots and lots of cake icing.

Yellow and black icing…oh yes, diaper change, later, was colorful!

We dressed him back up and let him run the hotel halls a bit.

I am positive that the paying guests appreciated it.

He ran out some of his energy and then wanted nothing other than his daddy.

Together they watched the pool party shennigans from the safety of the hall and then we headed home.

The fall seemed to really throw Corrigan off for the remainder of the afternoon…he was whiny, easily weepy and angry.

He eventually settled down for a 2.5 hour nap and awoke ready to destroy the house for the (6 months x 30 days + a few extra) day in a row.

No more swim diapers for a few more months…though I have my doubts we will be lucky enough to have that long until the next fat lip!


As many of you know, Corrigan wears a medi-alert bracelet when we leave the house but he hates it.

A kind blog reader came over to tell me about Safety Tats    She is doing a giveaway over at Buckeroomama if you would like a chance to win!


I am in no way affiliated with this company but wanted to direct your attention to their product because I believe in it 100%.

As soon as I am able I plan on ordering the above SafetyTat for Corrigan. 

Two lines of text are part of the order ( or you can purchase ones you write on yourself ) and they do not contain latex!

Can you imagine the added comfort of the “If lost please contact”  tats for a day at the amusement park with your kids?

I really think that this idea is great and I hope that you do too!

If you  are interested please visit them here

15 thoughts on “his first fat lip

  1. Wow- that first pic is hilarious- he looks terrified!

    Yes, I sell Shaklee Supplements, but am more concerned about passing along the “buyer beware” message as many people are throwing their money (and health) down the drain. Anyway, the other 6 days of the week the blog is dedicated to my daughter and life in general.

    AWEsome shots btw!


  2. wow. great pics. my favorite is the first one. mainly because corrigan looks like he was just caught peeing in the pool. and if that’s the case. definitely, definitely poor uncle daniel.

    thanks for visiting my blog! glad i visited yours!


  3. Love the pictures! Felt like I was there. That water…man I need a vacation. I hope the little guy’s lip has gone down. My little man had a very persistent bloody nose last night. Not the same I know, but still, blood – not a nice sight on the baby.

    Enjoy the vacay, is it??





  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. He is SO cute : ). What a little sweetie : ). Don’t worry, that will be the first of MANY bumps and bruises! Kaishon was permanently bruised between the ages of 2 and 4! Just non stop slips and spills! It breaks your heart though, doesn’t it?


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