i heart faces: “hands-on-fun”


This week’s theme at  I Heart Faces is “hands on fun”

I knew the photo I wanted to use as soon as I learned that the photo didn’t need a visible face.

This is a photo of Corrigan and PapPap reading together.

*falls over dead from the sweetness*

One of my favorite shots…ever.

There are hundreds of other amazing entries over at http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/ you should check them out!

 ETA: This book is so much fun. Remember those books we had where you flipped the pages and the sketch appeared to be moving depending on how fast you flipped? This book is similar and I cannot wait to collect the others in the series. You should check out the author’s website (Click on the individual book to get a “sample” of how the scanimations “move”) here  to learn more!

27 thoughts on “i heart faces: “hands-on-fun”

  1. That is positively darling! What a sweet moment, and such a sweet little hand! I also love the colors of the book…they add a lot to the photo. 🙂


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