jump on the furniture please, no really…I mean it.


I have been feeling pretty penned in these past few weeks. I am not the best driver in inclement weather and, to be honest, it isn’t much fun to go “walk around the mall” (as everyone keeps suggesting a solution to my stir-crazy psychosis) when you can’t even really afford to buy a sweet tea from Chic-fil-a.

If *I* am feeling a bit nuts…then I imagine Corrigan is feeling the same way. Yesterday, he did not even touch any of his toys in the livingroom. He spent most of the day in a whiny, miserable mood and I think that he has a wicked case of cabin fever too.

Since my furniture is pretty much wrecked and over a decade old… I decided to do something to shake things up for Cor.

I never thought I would suggest jumping on the furniture and, yes, I am aware that I just might have created a problem…but other than the swim party that Corrigan attended on Saturday, the poor kid has not left the house in…no lie… 18 days.

That is no kind of life…Spring cannot get here fast enough.

So I inflated the air mattress, pushed the two couches together and told him to have fun.

and wooo boy, did he.

Had there not been a suspicious sounding “ssssssss” coming from the air mattress (and a safety imposed weight limit, no doubt) I was almost tempted to join him.

For some reason he was determined to try and wedge himself between the couches and the mattress…wiggling first his toes down then slowly pressing his legs between the two… yelling angrily, after realizing he was stuck,  for me to come save him time after time…that kid confuses me but is such a hoot.

There was no more bouncing when the Veggie’s start singing…

(isn’t it amazing how much clearer my shots are when he is mesmerized?) 

After awhile, Corrigan realized that he now had access to the big window that is normally blocked with the couch and had a big empty stretch of floor to run back and forth on.

so lots of running and then pressing his nose against the cold glass.

He also enjoyed some one-on-one time with his “Nemo”

Corrigan always says the same thing when he first catches a glimpse of his “Nemo” after not playing with him for awhile…

“Hiiiiiiiii, Neeeeeemo”

which sounds more like, ” eye meeeeeemo”

and then he bites Nemo’s lips.

Corrigan is an aggressive kisser.

I know that you can never predict what stuffed animal, or blanket, might become a child’s “lovey” and I certainly did not think that this clown fish would be Corrigan’s favorite toy in the house…but it is…and boy, those fish lips get so gross and dirty after 1,675,473,000 slobbery “bite-kisses” everyday.

In between machine washes, I use a sink brush to scrub the lips with antibacterial soap as often as he will let “Nemo” out of his sight…and I have had to do fin “surgery” three times too… to think that “Nemo” was a fluke.

Mark and Connor do two things together each year. Hershey Park and Renn Fests.  Normally, the PA Renn Fest but sometimes the Maryland one. This past August they packed the car to hit the Renn Fest in Pa and drove all the way up to find the gates were locked. Apparently, they had missed the season by one weekend.

Discouraged but too far from home to not do anything Mark searched the GPS for something  that was not too expensive and found the Pittsburgh aquarium.They spent the day there and as they were leaving, Connor wanted to pick his brother something from the gift shop. He didnt even get himself anything, he just wanted something for Corrigan.

Corrigan was going through an intense Nemo-movie stage (our VHS tape broke shortly after they got back..boo) and when Connor spotted the clownfish he purchased it for his little brother. From that very night that Connor handed it to him, it has been Corrigan’s favorite stuffed animal (his 2nd being cookie monster that you see on the “trampoline” above)…and to think that had those Renn Fest gates been open…Corrigan would not have his best pal’s face to gnaw on all day long.

So now “Nemo” and Corrigan are sound asleep…with “blankie” of course wrapped tightly around the both of them…worn out from some new exercise and I am brainstorming ideas to keep him entertained tomorrow afternoon.

Either someone needs to bring me a refrigerator box…

… or I am going to go all McGyver on this place and make a swing out of some kitchen twine and a diaper box.

Stay sane, friends!

9 thoughts on “jump on the furniture please, no really…I mean it.

  1. Jumping on the furniture sounds like a pretty good solution to cabin fever. Although I agree you might regret it in the future. We let our son jump on the couch when he was really little but then tried to stop him when he got older. Did it work? Um no. LOL. 😉


  2. This is so funny! It sounds like something my mom would have done for my sisters and me when we were little….except ours would have been in the summer, to avoid the heat! (We Georgians do things a bit differently.) Great idea. I think it’s the things like this that make moms so wonderful. He’s a lucky boy.


  3. thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a comment on my blog during my SITS feature day, I really appreciate it! You are a smart mommy to to this!
    when my 2 boys were “busy” toddlers, I had an old futon mattress that I would unfold on the living room floor and that was their jumping, wrestling, bouncing space. it sure did save my sanity and give them a much needed way to tire themselves out ( I mean get some exercise in their cute little bodies) BTW my illustration working process is posted here http://moretolove.net/EPhow2.html


  4. It’s hard getting thru a day with just 1 little boy his age…let alone the winter months. Remember it’s all for a season…soon it will be spring, maybe you can take daily walks to the playground…and next winter it will be different, he will be older and able to do more himself! Sometimes if feels like eternity but I can vouch that my first time round was 15 years ago already…took forever to get here and now it seems like it was just a moment.


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