why so blue, you?


Corrigan has had a rough couple of days.

He either drinks his formula/meds well and doesn’t want his solids…or he will eat food like a champ but slaps away his liquids.

It is always a “one or the other” thing with Cor…I feel like my entire life revolves around food and liquids.

He just has the tiniest appetite and is really tired of mommy pleading for him to please eat.

I know that standard advice for picky toddlers is, “When they are hungry they will eat”

I don’t have that luxury with Corrigan.

I am pretty sure it is those two-year old molars that are pushing through his top gums.

I looked, I wouldn’t want to chew either.

(Motrin and Orajel help a wee bit…but when his mouth is numb he won’t drink…and when the Motrin kicks in he feels good enough to play and doesn’t want to stop to eat)


Also, poor pickle took a really bad spill today.

He pretty much scared the crap out of Petra and I.

He was getting down from beside me on the couch and his left foot got tangled in the pants leg of his right leg…as he yanked it free the motion propelled him backwards, off of the couch and the back of his head slammed fully onto the wood floors.

It was a sound I never want to hear again.

His sobs were also a sound that I never want to hear again.

Thankfully Petra was here…because he seemed to find true comfort sitting with her, his sharp little post-cry hiccups/gasps just about broke my heart,  as she softly talked him down from his sadness and rubbed his little legs.

He seems fine now.

He played a long game of “tag” with Connor tonight, his giggles and squeals were as adorable and rambunctious as always.

However, I think… that he thinks…that I pushed him off of the couch.

He won’t look at me and even though he raises his arms for me to hold him, he has been pulling my hair and slapping at my shoulders a time or two.

He has his Daddy’s temper and his Mama’s ability to hold a grudge*

Poor pickle, could you pray that he has a better day tomorrow?

Thanks kindly.


 (*on a lighter note, everytime I use the word “grudge” I hear Mark saying, “Is that a one, or two, car grudge?”  Just something silly he said, SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, TODAY…the night that we met…when I mentioned that I had a mental “poop list” of things that people did that hurt my feelings that was a mile long. )



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