he combs his hair with a pillow

I am aware that by super-composing my “natural” (ha!) shots of Corrigan, I am eliminating the background of his life.

My sister and I have often talked about some item from our childhood and I will race to the family albums to see if I can find that item in a photograph.

Our parents did not wipe away the messes behind us before they pressed the shutter.

However, my mom would not allow a photo to be taken if our hair was a mess.

(even if the hairstyle that I chose – think Pebbles-style ponytail on top of my head, at age 13 -was considered, in retrospect, a hot mess)

So, I have lots of old photos that allow me to scan the backgrounds to find my beloved toys, strange decoration choices (peacocks mom? seriously?) and tossed-aside Christmas presents in 1977…but no tangible proof that we were, at times,  messy, snaggle-haired girls.

If Corrigan were having a bad hair day…I might crop a photo, in camera, like this:

Just look at that cherubic, albeit yogurt-covered, little boy.

When in reality…he really looked like a child that had combed his hair with a weed-whacker and perpetually stood in front of wind turbines.

What we have is a Level 5-Code Red hair situation happening right now.

I might need someone to send reinforcements.

When Corrigan was about 9 months old, half of his head was shaved to fascilitate scalp IV’s.

We shaved the other half to try and even it up…but left his golden locks alone on the top of his head.

That original baby hair was stick-straight and still is…but the hair that was shaved took a lifetime to grow back in returned in lovely little ringlets.

Until about two weeks ago…when one day his ringlets went *poof* and they now hang limply down his back. Did that extra 1/18th of an inch of hair length cause the curls to crumble under their own weight?

Shortly after the “Fall of Curls”, in a fit of unbelievable boldness stupidity,  I thought I might cut the giant swath of comb-over-like, original baby hair that ran from the crown of his head down over one eye like a Swedish Emo kid. (click it..go on)

Uh, I butchered it.

Now, the poor kid has long straight hair in the front, a giant rooster-tail of chopped hair at the crown and limp, miserable curls in the back…

oh, and a Daddy that refuses to let me take him to get it cut.

But what am I supposed to do with this?


Can you see the patches of his scalp?

Under some of those longer pieces are nearly-bare skin.  Because Corrigan is on such a low protein diet…I think that his hair and nails just do not have enough to grow on after the important stuff, you know…like his brain…takes what it needs. (greedy brain and bones. pfft)  I only have to cut Cor’s nails every few months…and like I mentioned before, it took nearly 9 months to grow the shaved-head parts back in enough to make him look like he had hair at all. 

Daddy is right, that he will probably look bald if we cut his hair…but I have this hope that if we get it all cut off evenly, maybe those cherubic curls will return, evenly, and all will be fine.

In about a year.

In the meantime, when I say the situation is Level 5-Code Red…seriously, I mean it…because what we have going on is

is a toddler mullet.

And Corrigan has enough problems without adding “Irish Redneck” to the list.

11 thoughts on “he combs his hair with a pillow

  1. Visiting from SITS!

    Wow, he is GORGEOUS!!! (and I mean that in the most masculine way ever! smile!) Such a cutie.

    My dream is to have babies with red hair. However, since I’m african american with almost black hair, it might be genetically IMPOSSIBLE! =(


  2. He is darling… I agree. And if anyone could pull off the mullet, it’s that toddler. You go, Cor! I remember when Logenne was itty bitty she had the WORST bedhead EVER. She could be perfectly coiffed and by the time I set the brush down she was a wreck again. Now she has perfectly straight hair hanging down her back and it is never messed up. Hair is such a mysterious entity.


  3. So true I do love my childhood photographs when I can search the background for my favorite doll or cup..etc.

    His hair looks adorable…Nathan often has bad hair days (mainly because he won’t let me brush it). It adds to their tiny characters.


  4. awe…come on..he’s adorable…even with crazy hair. my younger brother had ringlets until his first major haircut at 2 years old…and it has been straight as a pin ever since..well, until it started receding 🙂


  5. What a riot! My girl was bald until two. No medical issues, just totally bald. Now at almost three it is finally growing and she has a mullet. I think it is time for something… besides the bang trim my husband keeps giving her which has resulted in the mullet.

    Your blog is lovely! Found you because of SITS. I’ll definitely be back!
    Outrageous joy,
    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss


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