there was a reason my mother never let me play with glue.

Corrigan really enjoys watching Connor’s old VHS of ToyStory.

Connor really liked it.

( I can still see Connor, age 2 1/2, standing on a 6 inch ledge at the park, arms outstretched and loudly exclaiming, “TO INFISITY…and EEEEE YON!!!”)

The fact that I threw away all of Connor’s ToyStory toys because he “outgrew” them makes me want to puke.

How was I supposed to know that all of these years later ToyStory 3 would be just around the corner…or, to be totally honest, that there was going to even be another toddler in my house, let alone one that would love Buzz and Woody too.

Everywhere you look there are Buzz and Woody items to buy.

We have the jammies, the t-shirts, the sweatshirts, the table and chairs, the stuffed dolls…almost all purchased by Auntie Petra.  I am beginning to think that Petra is the one that really has the Buzz and Woody obsession.


Recently, Petra brought over a ToyStory calendar.  After the holidays, the calendar store had their remaining calendars for $1.00!

The main reason that she purchased it, because let’s face it…most toddlers don’t care about the days of the month…was because it had a button that he could push to play “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”

The calendar survived for about 2 hours.

I saved it, though it was wrinkled and ripped…and was slightly sad because the pages were so vibrant, I could imagine framing them one day…if Cor were ever lucky enough to have his own bedroom.

Today, I picked up an empty box for Corrigan to play in and while he napped I dug out the calendar pages and spent far too much time glueing and taping the pages to his box.  I had enough pages to cover the outside completely and then 4 remaining to glue inside.

Yes, I need a hobby.

…but to be honest, I think I just need to go back to Kindergarten…you have no idea how much glue I got all over my jeans and the floor.  I will just go ahead and admit that I apply packing tape like a 2-year old too.

It was a visual disaster….but Corrigan loved it.

I sliced him open a “door” too because the last few times we have had a box to play in…he ended up tipping it over as he tried entering it face first and would get really really frustrated.

Yes, I also handled a box cutter today.

Seriously, I should only be allowed glue sticks, safety scissors and my hotdogs cut into tiny, unchokeable pieces.


Corrigan wasn’t aware of how artistically pathetic it all was…he just saw Buzz and Woody and a DOOR!


Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close.


But like all doors…if you leave them unlocked you never know what might come through.

Corrigan wasn’t feeling much like sharing with Connor though. After two minutes of brotherly love…he pushed Connor backwards out the flap (literally, he is a brute) like an unwanted rascal at the saloon.  

Afterward, I am pretty sure I saw him stand, slap his hands together as if knocking the dust off of them and growl, “We don’t want none of your kind ’round these here parts”

Corrigan is a fickle saloon owner though…

brothers=not allowed.

Large, stinky dogs??=come on in!

Oh, and they get kisses too

Overall, I think the box was a hit.

As for me, I need to stop typing now…I have to figure out how to get my left-hand’s pinky and ring fingers unglued from each other.

Have a great weekend!




13 thoughts on “there was a reason my mother never let me play with glue.

  1. That was awesome! I loved reading that and the pics are great as always!! He is such a joy to be around Mindy! You and Mark are doing a wonderful job. You are such a great Mommy!!!! Love you all and God Bless!


  2. Looks like such a fun time. I love the pictures! My husband made my son a house out of a box and some days we can’t get him out of it. One time I found him sleeping in it.


  3. Oh. My. Gosh. You are amazing. I LOVE this idea! So fun! And I love that he loves Buzz and Woody! Kaishon still loves them! It is funny that you just never know what is going to come back and be cool : )


  4. lol, who cares if the tape was wonky and the glue got everywhere – the ‘open, close, open, close’ pic says it all 😀
    (and has put a smile on my face too)


  5. What a cute idea – my daughter is a box fanatic! We live in a relatively new neighborhood and every time someone else moves in, we stalk their house until the appliances arrive and cart off the boxes for a few days of fun!
    Stopping by from SITS


  6. over from SITS! You are such a fun mom! And also making me glad that I am a packrat and have not thrown a kiddo thing away…..too bad one is a boy and one is a girl! You are fun! I am your newest follower, maybe I can get some good ideas!


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