eye contact is for wussies

Apparently today is “National Whatever-the-Heck-You-Do-Don’t-Look-at-Mom Day”

Who am I kidding? I think that it is becoming a month-long holiday.

(check out the gutter that blew from the carport into the woods..we are so classy, I tell ya)

Fifty-six photos of Corrigan giving the camera the cold-shoulder.

I don’t blame him… I mean, what with the dead everything and the mushy yard and absolutely nothing to do but wander around mumbling, “a baba baba gung gung ga” I can see how it all can be far more captivating than mama calling out, “cor, look here…Corrrr-iiiii—gannnnn…look at mama…lookie Cor…look buddy…yooo hoooo…Cor. Cor. Corrigan….Corrigan. Hey…Cor…..”

You can see it in his eyes here…

This is a child that is deriving great pleasure from ignoring me.

That smirk…that body language…this is the same look I make when Mark and I are having an argument about something and I know that I am right…right after I make the point that clearly shows how right I am…this is my “Mmmm hmmm…counter that wonderfully amazing, totally valid, unimpeachable point, mister smarty-pants” look.

Well, if he thinks that he can just passive-agressive his way out of posing me for me 365 days a year,  he is sadly mistaken.

I control the flow of popsicles, mister.

so you better straighten out….wait…did you just tell me to talk to the hand?


Oh boy…you really are my child.

(what a bummer I missed that shot…but I was finished, putting my lens cap on, when he mumbled and then threw up his hand at me…I am in trouble with this kid, right? haha)

8 thoughts on “eye contact is for wussies

    • I have tried all manner of tricks to get his attention…but he has become immune to all of them. even the flashy-light swirly thing that I thought, FOR SURE, would be a winner. It worked exactly ONCE..and its great becuase I got that one shot, my mom was holding him. and it is such a perfect eye-contact shot, with GIANT smile..so that is good..but it has not ever worked since. boo. Maybe if I strapped a portable DVD player to my forehead?


  1. this is totally the story of my life ha ha. My son is five and i still have to bribe him to look at the camera, you know “look at mommy and you can have an oreo”


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