Toddler Tattoos ( a SafetyTat review )

I have spent a lot of time inventing frightening scenarios in which everyone in the family is rendered incapacitated and Corrigan is unable to tell his rescuer/EMT/Policeman/Fireman about his condition.

I know. I have issues.

I also have bad dreams involving Corrigan running away from me in the mall/amusement park/Italy (I dont know, I go to exotic locations for my nightmares) and a kindly security guard fills him up with ice cream and filet mignon while waiting for me to come to the Lost and Found office.

In my dreams, protein=poison…and reality is not too far off.

Corrigan has a medi-alert bracelet that I had engraved with pertinent information but he was still crawling when I purchased it so it got pretty scratched up fairly quickly.  Also, as he has grown, his ability to wiggle out of jeans/bracelets/diapers/my arms…has only increased and the medi-alert bracelet is the first thing that he removes when he gets a chance.

A few weeks ago, SafetyTat offered to send us a few samples of their award-winning SafetyTats to try.

SafetyTat customer service rep, Dawn, worked with me for quite some time to try and figure out exactly what I needed on Corrigan’s tat.  The graphics team tried to get the information plus a phone number on the medical tattoo but Cor’s disorder is kind of lengthy so we were unable to get the number on there.

We had some errands to run today so it was the perfect time to test-drive his first SafetyTat.

Pretty simple…clean/dry arm…apply Tat and hold for 60 seconds…soak Tat with warm water until saturated…voila!

Corrigan was not thrilled with the “60 second” part. He has an aversion to any sort of restraint and immediately began wiggling and fussing.  Daddy sang to him to try and distract him and for the most part it worked.  Because he was struggling we had a little bit of a wrinkle in the one end..but nothing too noticeable.

Off we went to run our errands.

At the store the cashier asked if he “got your pretty sticker at the doctor’s office today?” and oddly enough, the woman at the Post Office asked almost the exact same thing.

I explained the purpose of his “sticker” and both ladies thought it was an ingenious idea.

Corrigan wanted to demonstrate how his SafetyTat would work in a situation in which he might be unconscious.

Clearly I have a thespian on my hands.

While driving around running errands I wondered if I had made the right decision on what I had printed on the Tat.

I suppose my thought process is that Corrigan is far more likely to be separated from me in a crowded situation so I wanted people to know that they couldn’t feed him all willy-nilly and stuff while waiting for a mother-child reunion…but as I drove I wondered if, God forbid, I were to crash into a telephone pole…would the information be the most important thing for the EMT to know?

Well, why not just ask one?

We went straight to the source…to the people that would be responding to the scene of a crash.

While Corrigan ran like a wild child around the ambulance bay I spoke to a seasoned EMT, at our local Rescue Squad, about what they would want to know about Corrigan at the scene. They said that they would want to know his condition, any allergies to medications (not necessarily food allergies) and that he had an infusaport.


So what I had on Corrigan, today, would be great for a situation in which he might get lost but what I needed for travel was a different Tat.


However,  just having the SafetyTat (or medi-alert bracelet) signaled to them to act carefully and that in the case of a small child, they would search the purse/glove compartment etc. of the parent in the vehicle for further information.  Much like adults that use medi-bracelets are encouraged to carry a detailed information card in their wallet…they encouraged me to keep more detailed information on my person for Corrigan until he was old enough to carry his own wallet.


Pros of the SafetyTat:

Ease of Use

Bright, eye-catching colors

Pre-printed information (though they also offer write-on tats…please visit them at to learn more)

Wonderful customer service

Child-proof…Corrigan wasn’t getting that Tat off no way-no how!


(This is first-time user error…not anything fundamentally wrong with the product itself)

In retrospect,  I wish that I had applied it to the underside of his forearm (much like the child on the homepage of only because the skin is much more taut on the underside and therefore less prone to wrinkling. If you have wrinkles there is a greater chance that it will scratch off easier.

Also, the 60-second suggestion was a bit tough for my squirmer…I think that the perfect application I wanted was hindered by the application time and caused a less-than-smooth result. A minute doesn’t seem like a long time to adults, but to a toddler it is a lifetime. 

Suggestion for Manufacturer:

Perhaps a wallet-card that matches the medical SafetyTats that the parent can keep in their purse/wallet that would provide further information to EMT’s on the scene could be included with purchase. Sometimes, with allergies and uber-long disorder names it just isn’t possible to get everything on 2-lines.


Overall, I am super excited to have the SafetyTats for Corrigan.  I expect that as it warms up and we get outside amongst more children…I will have more of an opportunity to share this product with other moms. SafetyTats are not just for medically fragile children either…they would be a wonderful peace of mind for a family traveling to Disney World, or other large venue,  for the day. How about for school fieldtrips?  They have several different styles of “If Lost Please Call” and my favorite are the line of SafetyTats geared towards the Special Needs child.

The “I have Autism” and  “I have non-verbal Autism” tattoos could be such a Godsend for parents.

The Special Needs tattoos are here.

If you are interested, or know someone that has a child that could benefit from this product, SafetyTat would like to extend the readers of Mooneyequalsmc2 a special discount on any order of $15.00 or more!

(Please make sure that you enter the code Citrullinemia, exactly as shown above,  during checkout)


10 thoughts on “Toddler Tattoos ( a SafetyTat review )

  1. Whoa! That is awesome Mindy! Thank you so much for taking the initiative to look into this! I think I will order some to have on hand too (for Ibrahim’s walking days).


  2. Pretty interesting product and a good review. Before we found out our soon-to-arrive twins were fraternal and not identical, I thought about finding a service to do something just like this. No, I’m not joking – it was an honest fear!

    Just stopping in from SITS, drawn here by your level-headed and insightful comments concerning the recent NYT article. They can be a rather reactionary bunch over there, can’t they? The branding issue you’ve discussed is a double edged sword, to be sure. As long as one intersperses a considerable amount of original content, then I’m fine with an occasional review or promo; it’s a bit like an ad on television, the way I see it. Then again, some folks (i.e. The McMommy Chronicles) never seem to head down that route and still have a significant number of followers. But the link whoring is just too much for me. Even as I toss myself more into this hobby, I just can’t see doing that. I’d rather build a real readership, not some folks who hop on for goodies and that’s it!

    Just wanted to let you know that your comments were greatly appreciated by this soon-to-be daddy blogger!


  3. I saw your response to the NY Times on SITS and just wanted to say I was one of those that agreed with you (I posted earlier). I’m very new to the blogging world and joined only because I had several friends who wanted access to my thoughts (bless them). 🙂 I had no idea that people did all these give-aways and reviews (I’d done book reviews just to share info before I realized all that) until a few weeks after I started. I’d been feeling some pressure to do the same when I realized that I need to remember MY purpose: to encourage and point others to God. I may have a small audience, but it’s the one He’s given me, and I feel good about that. If I do giveaways or reviews in the future, it will be from a heart that wants to share, not necessarily profit. On the other hand, for those who have found a way to earn a few extra dollars, that’s fine too! But I don’t think that’s what I’m supposed to be doing right now!


  4. This was my first review…I didn’t want it to be like so many I see online…a recap of the information taken directly from the website, obligatory photo of item, Giveaway “link to me me me me me me me!”

    I wanted to try the product, document the experience and be as honest as I could be because I absolutely think the product is amazing and would be a blessing to so many parents. I was a little fearful of how I would word it if I would have been displeased, but I know I would have found a way to be fair but honest.

    The company didnt mind that I only have about 35 devoted readers a day…they care about getting the word out and helping kids and families. I am thankful they gave me the opportunity to review!

    That being said…I have no intention of becoming a review/giveaway blog. Yes, it is exciting to be sent free things…but if I do review a product it has to be something that interests me greatly, benefits my family and I have time to do so.

    Kevin and GlowinGirl-Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you came over.
    The NYTimes hub-bub really caught me by surprise. I read the article over the weekend and thought it was kind of funny and light-hearted. It was written in the same self-deprecating, slightly sarcastic tone that the main “mommy-bloggers” use all of the time. I never thought I would wake, today, to the firestorm of controversy and it just seems so reactionary.

    One of the tips on SITS, not so long ago, was about making the Title to your blog post “eye catching” and make people want to read it and I found the Title of the article to be kind of “off” in tone to the rest of the article since the bulk of the article was supportive and NOT sarcastic…but if they would all just simmerdown and think about it…that’s a pretty funny heading!

    and if they REALLY thought about it, after READING the article and realizing it wasnt an attack piece…the article title is more of a statement of how those that don’t blog see mommy-bloggers…and we cant really live our lives focusing on what other people think of us anyway. Years ago, mommy-bloggers were openly mocked and looked down upon by “real” writers who dismissed us as cackling hens with too much time on our hands…and now…now that some moms have found they can make MONEY at it..well, God FORBID.

    I think that author of that article did an okay job.

    I wish she would have done more linking to the blogs she mentioned AND had the nerve to link to her OWN blog as well.(obviously blogger common-courtesy!) I also felt like the article ended abruptly, as if there were far more to say and some editor just sliced it to bits and ended it randomly. I also think that she chose to mention some of the “quirkier” things, like the sippycup comment, because she knew it would get people talking. I am CERTAIN that her bosses at the NYT are THRILLED at the traffic over the on the website! I, myself, read three articles while I was over thre that I would not have before.

    Otherwise, it is just another article on blogging…and as it goes in show business “there’s no such thing as bad PR”

    I didn’t read anything on there that wasn’t true…and I would venture that a LOT of moms are swatting away their wee-ones while typing away online building their “tribe” and improving their “brand” every single day. Oh mirror, you reflect so much truth when held up so shiny in front of me.

    Also Kevin, I had a thought…SafetyTat should make tats for twins! One that says “Dad, I’m Janny not Jenny” and vice versa! I’ve always panicked at the thought of identical twins…I think I’d nailpolish their toes in different colors until they were 35 years old.

    If one came home drunk Senior Year..Id make him remove his shoes before I could properly yell at him!ha

    and GlowinGirl_you rock on with your purpose and do not waiver! I believe that there is nothing we are called to do more, with our time on Earth, than to witness to others about God. What a great venue you have to share the Word with others…stay strong! I will be over to visit you soon!



  5. I came over because I saw your response on SITS and wanted to show my support to you as well. We are clearly in the minority, but I don’t see that as a bad thing whatsoever!

    What a treat to see your cute little model! I love his acting skills 🙂 I’ll have to share the Safety Tats link with my mommy friends 🙂


  6. Hi, We are waiting to see if our lil’ Sammie girl has this disorder. I’ve seen your boy in google searches that we have done to learn more about this. Your little boy is beautiful. I just want to say “Thanks” for all of the information and postings you have done for your son and for others.


    • You’re welcome! Thanks for commenting and letting me know you are reading. Please update about your little one when you find out for sure!


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