my instincts were wrong…again.

Corrigan had been fighting some sort of tummy bug since Sunday morning. He was refusing solids all weekend though so I suppose he was feeling the “ick” before the visible symptoms actually hit him.

His team made some dietary changes to get him through the event and hopefully keep him stable and at home.  He was miserable on Sunday and about half of his normal self (activity level, attitude etc) on Monday.

Last night he was kind of laying around the house, not really playing and certainly not his normal activity level. Connor and I  woke Daddy up early to observe Corrigan to see if he thought we should take him into the hospital. Both Connor and I thought that Cor was “off. ” Eventually, we all agreed that while his energy level was low, his eyes were bright, he was interacting normally and wasn’t showing his normal signs of impending crisis.  There is a nasty flu flying around our area and the risk of taking him to the hospital, exposing him to those germs while he was already fighting something and not having a sure feeling of trouble, seemed like a risk.

Then he slept for 13 hours straight.

He woke at 10am today and refused solids again.   Shortly after awakening, he was climbing up on the dining room chair and fell backwards, cracking his head on the hardwood floor. I comforted him, he seemed okay but, like always when he hurts himself, he thinks that I did it and after calming down wanted nothing to do with me. I settled him down with his Pedialyte, blankie and his favorite WordWorld DVD and a kiss on the head. He slapped at me angrily. Sheesh.

He played with his toys while sitting, lazily watching his DVD, refused some more food and “sang” to himself while pretending to be a ghost with his blankie. No long afterward I looked over and he was asleep. Sound asleep, mouth wide open, on the hard, cold floor.

The freakiest thing of all was that Jericho, our dog, laying around him, curled against him like a living blanket and Jericho does not usually like to get that close to Corrigan because Cor tends to poke, pull and “kiss” quite aggressively. One minute Cor was awake and playing…the next…conked out.

I have seen way too many medical shows that featured animals saving their owners lives by alerting them to an impending heart attack/diabetic attack/earthquake etc.  I was pretty sure Jericho was trying to tell me something….uh….or I am just an over-anxious mama that thinks she gets secret subliminal messages from her silent dog. Whatever.

He had hit his head. He was asleep 2 hours after a 13 hour slumber…I didn’t think I should waste anytime. And then I could not find the keys to the Durango.  Oh I found keys but the Durango keys were not on them..and Mark was at a funeral, with TWO sets of keys apparently, and unreachable by phone so my neighbor packed us up and took us to the ER.

Long story short…Corrigan is fine.

Slightly dehydrated from his weekend “bug”, sucked down some of the hospital’s finest hydration venously (<—is that a word?) intravenously? and is now sleeping his hard few hours off in his bed.

(photos taken with point and shoot in dim lighting. sorry so grainy!)

(Luckily I keep technology in my purse at all times)

To be safe, they did a CT scan of his brain in case of bleeding or fracture from his fall.


(He likes to get really close to SpongeBob)

The CT scan results came back with some issues showing in the back of his skull. It could have been indicative of a brain bleed…but also a result of movement during the scan.

(You can see his SafetyTat  almost a week later still looks good!)

We re-did the scan…boy how much did Corrigan love being restrained? Hmmm…not so much. Restrained twice? Oh he was thrilled I tell ya. Simply thrilled.

The results from the second scan were less clear because he was so upset during the repeat scan ( he knew what was coming the 2nd time!) that he was super wiggly.

They do know that his skull is not fractured.

They do not think it is a bleed, or if it is a bleed, it is a very very tiny one, because he was not vomiting, his pupils were fine and he was cognitively okay. We are just supposed to keep a really good eye on him for the next 24 hours.

Oh, and his ammonia?  23, baby! (though it took two sticks this time, boo!)

( Eventually, Cor wanted Daddy to hold SpongeBob so he could watch lazily…ironically, Daddy is watching SpongeBob on the room television…go figure)

I am happy that Corrigan continues to be so metabolically stable with his stomach bug.  That ammonia of 23 eases my mind tremendously because he has not been acting like himself and the excessive sleeping, while totally normal for anyone fighting an illness, can also be a sign of decompensation with Corrigan’s disorder. I always have to act to protect his brain, not my pride, so if a trip to the ER returns a good report…then so be it. Good is always good…even if my instincts were wrong.

For the record, I totally blame Jericho.



4 thoughts on “my instincts were wrong…again.

    • Thanks Sarah…it’s just such a tightrope. I can wait, for fear of being wrong, and potentially waste time and harm his brain…or I can go in and it is a false alarm and I lose credibility with the ER staff that acts so heroically and quickly because they were with us that horrid first year. I dont want to be the mom that cries wolf…but if I let that rule my decisions..then I am potentially doing catastrophic damage to his brain. It sucks. it SUCKKKKKKS. I need a nap.


  1. I think it is always better to go and get it checked…but like I have said before, I may be paranoid about it…

    Hit his head…ouch! Poor baby! How’s he doing today?


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