the force is strong with this one..

I found the cutest  toughest/manly/awesome glowstick “swords” at the Dollar store a few weeks ago.

We turned down the lights and had a little bit of fun before bedtime.

Long after the sticks lost their glow, the boys continue to “duel” and slowly Corrigan has been getting the hang of pretend “sword fighting”

I grabbed up a few more swords today and tonight, when we turned down the lights, Corrigan was, at first, full of giggles…

…and then he channeled his inner Jedi and went all “Luke Skywalker” on his big brother.

At first, I stupidly thought I could capture the fun on camera.


(you will have to take my word here…that is Corrigan “Luke Skywalker” Mooney on the left…and Connor “Yoda” Mooney on the right.)

“Named must your fear be before banish it you can”

something like that…

My second attempt to use my camera was even more ridiculous…


Obviously, video was the only way to go…

At the 1:19 mark, Corrigan is all like ” I will never join you!” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and then Connor Yoda loses a hand.

(who needs a John Williams score for their lightsaber death scene? We choose Mozart in this house. pffft)


Do or do not, there is no try! 😉

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