chug chug chug!

Since last post, Corrigan has really stepped up his eating and drinking.

He still is extremely picky but showing more interest in his foods and trying a bit more variety.

He has even been bringing me his snacks and shaking the cans at me.

(Corrigan is a strong believer in reading labels)


While I am not thrilled at the sugar consumption…I will admit to being relieved at how much he loves McDonald’s Sweet Tea!

(Mainly because it gives me an excuse to drive and buy one daily. hehe)

(Come to Mama!)


I love to watch him learn to drink from a straw. He now takes semi-small sips, rather than huge, overwhelming gulps, but then he kind of holds the liquid in his cheeks a few seconds before he swallows.

All I can think is “calories, calories, fluids, fluids, hooray!”

( This little cherub is mine…the luckiest mom in the world, I am)


The issue of the g-tube is still under serious consideration.  There are so many pros to the g-tube, for Corrigan, and I have a peaceful feeling about the procedure. Not to say that I am not still praying about it many many times a day (and this new “burst” of food interest from Cor isn’t helping at all) but the fact of the matter is that Corrigan is not a consistently good eater. It is really not a matter of waiting for Cor to get hungry but more a wait for him to be cooperative.

If Mark and I choose the surgery it will be sometime between April 23 and May 6th.  We still need to do some more praying and have some more questions for the team.

Until then…we continue practicing chewing and sucking.

Um, I think we still have some things to work on…

Ha. This kid…he is a hoot!

4 thoughts on “chug chug chug!

  1. You have such a cute child! Absolutely adorable. The picture of him “reading” the label is so funny! I pray that God will help you make the important decisions ahead of you!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! =)


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