i ♥ faces:dramatic B&W photo challenge

This week’s theme at I ♥ Faces is dramatic black and whites.
From the website:
We are looking for B&W photos that are dramatic, sensational and/or moody in the way they are presented. Please don’t just enter a typical portrait photo that has been converted to B&W. Something about your entry must catch our eye as being dramatic or moody for it to be passed along to the Guest Photographer Judge as a top entry for them to choose from.

I have moody! I have a pre-teen in the house!


(13 years old in July)

(ETA: what emotion do YOU see in this face? I saw “the look”…the “Mom, leave me alone” face…but his Dad instantly thought he looked sad)

Connor is a sweet soul though…I told him this week’s theme and told him to give me “moody” …though I have seen this “look” a time or two…this was a by request expression.


For more amazing dramatic black and whites, please click on the camera below. You won’t be sorry!







32 thoughts on “i ♥ faces:dramatic B&W photo challenge

  1. Great job on “moody” – I love the intensity in his eyes.

    (And if only it were as simple as that.. having judged ihf, I can tell you – you have no idea how hard it is to judge. LOL)


  2. I love this photo… You captured a look that I am sure you will see more of, just not on command.
    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. I am humbled! You rock as a photographer and set the bar high!


  3. Moody preteen – surely you jest !! The photograph is beautiful and he is a very handsome young man ( but don’t tell him I said so – I can see the eye roll now). I am impressed that you can still get request met. Keep up the great work.
    Thanks for the comment on my entry this week. I am a newbie so I really appreciate the feedback.


  4. both of your boys are precious! I love this, I totally get “the look” and it looks a lot like his! but I can see sad too, his eyes and the depth of dark portion are both so striking!

    Thanks so much for saying hello on my blog, your words meant so much to me.


  5. I love this! Great job capturing the “moody” look. I’m impressed, he’s a great model!

    Thank you for your note on my blog! It’s very helpful and great to know it’s being read every now and again;-)


  6. You definitely captured the pre-teen look. I love it! And your flickr phots on the sidebar are gorgeous too! Thanks for commenting my blog, I love finding new fun blogs to read!


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