Sweet boy. What did I ever do to deserve you?

I adore you beyond words.

I want nothing but what is best for you in this life.

I have to make a decision for you.

It will change your life.

My deepest, strongest desire is that the choice will change your life for the best.

You deserve nothing less than a perfect decision…free of doubt…full of confidence.

I feel a peace about it.

I pray that you will forgive me for the temporary pain…in exchange for something better.

Less stress.

Less anxiety.

More freedom.

More life worth living vibrantly.

I love you Corrigan.

My sweet little boy.

8 thoughts on “decisions

  1. Beautiful words and son! Thanks for stopping in- – – I love it that you say you are a believer! that is so true, believing IN God and IN the Power available is a wonderful tool we have as mommies!- I can’t imagine raising my kids without an accurate knowledge and confident application of God’s Word! Obviously life isn’t without issues but it’s nice that we can be peaceful throughout the challenges!


  2. Mindy,

    I pray that God gives you the strength and courage to make the right decision. He blessed you w/your Sweet Boy because he knows that you will. That is the beauty of motherhood knowing that their lives are dependent on our best judgment and being committed to making the right decisions. Continue leaning on the Lord for He will give you the comfort you need to get through the decisions you make. I will pray for you and your son.

    The pictures are beautiful.


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