oh the simple joys of a child!

Corrigan is quick to smile but slow to laugh.  I’ve always wanted a giggling toddler…but with Corrigan those giggles have to be worked for. That’s okay, it just means that when you get one it feels like winning a million bucks.

He loves to be tossed in the air. Actually, he just likes to be scared.  The scarier the action the more that he loves it. So being flung towards the ceiling makes him very happy.

Which works out great because I get the giggles and a serious arm workout!

(and yes, the slobber in the 3rd shot totally got me…the price ya pay for joy!)

Every single one of these photos were taken by Connor. He did an great job with the poor lighting conditions (our livingroom is a cave) and quick movement. I think that out of 30 photos I only discarded 4. That’s a pretty successful ratio!

They needed hardly any work in post-production. They were a tad underexposed which works out perfectly for my black and white conversion which tends to kind of overexpose any bright areas.  A simple conversion, some vignetting for effect, sharpen for web and voila!

Which photo is your favorite? All can be viewed larger by clicking on the individual photo. The collage is worth a closer look, for sure.

Great work Connor!


6 thoughts on “oh the simple joys of a child!

  1. This is so cool! I followed your link here from I heart Faces. How did you do this collage? Is it a photoshop template?

    Great Blog!!



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