some new videos

Corrigan was trying to be brave on the swinging bridge at the playground. The entire playset was a giant circle but when he would get to the bridge he would turn around. Slowly, he got up more nerve to try and cross it and, eventually, he made it.

The next video cracks me up. This was the first time that Corrigan was on the “big kid” swing.  He was straddling me and it must have felt amazing because he just squealed and squealed. Long before I finally got Mark to give me the camera, he was squealing his little head off. After this video, I taught him to hold onto the chains so we could swing even higher together.

I think that he is really going to like the amusement park kiddie rides this summer!

Speaking of brave boys…in the last few days Corrigan has started to try and stand on the trampoline. Tonight, he just took off running and never stopped the entire evening.  It was a cool evening despite the warm day so the footie jammies really worked out well…except I swear that he was more “electric” tonight than ever before.  You couldn’t get near him without being “zapped” by static electricity.

(yes, that is big brother in the middle, oblivious to his little brother’s bravery because he was on the cell phone)

Finally, here is Monika and Corrigan. We are still trying to get Corrigan to clearly show us “2” with his fingers. It is so adorable how he so obviously says “two” but holds up three fingers. His pinky, ring and middle fingers. We nearly got a clear shot of it with Monika…you can kind of see it.  Normally, he just walks up to you and flashes his fingers proudly, unasked…but get out the video camera and his hands freeze up. Oh well.

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