saying goodbye to a good friend…

The other day we went to the park. I took my camera. I know, I know…you are shocked.

Out of 160 photos only four were “sharp.”  

FOUR! *dies from shame*

Actually, the remaining were so out-of-focus that it was stunning.  I do not always get spot-on focus, especially with a moving toddler but I get darn near close 99% of the time.  I know my lens and my camera.  I was so excited that day, at the park, because as the sun was slowly sinking in the sky, I looked over to see Corrigan kneeling in the playground mulch, a wonderful warm sunlight backlighting his blonde hair.  I ran over and fell to the ground about 5 feet in front of him, so excited at the series of photos I was bound to have when I got home.

As I was shooting the camera was struggling with focus.  My batteries were fine. I quickly looked at my screen and they seemed okay but not perfect…the last few frames I quickly switched the lens to manual focus and, of course, he was finished playing and toddled away.

When I uploaded I was bummed. That entire series of shots were terrible. In fact, I cannot even tell where the camera was focusing, in some cases it looked like it was about 12 inches in front of me.  The ones I manually focused were okay, not awesome, I just do not have tons of practice manually focusing my lens. Obviously, I really need to learn.

My much-loved Tamron, in the course of a single day, has gone “soft” and it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for recalibration. Boo. 

Just like my coffeepot, my dryer, both of my vehicles, my furniture, my house in general and my sanity…I can’t afford to have it fixed…so it goes on the magic list of “things that we need to repair( or buy) when we get back on our feet” 

It is a reallllllyyyy long list.

So for now everything will have to be shot with my remaining lens. The small, but powerful, 50mm 1.8.  Oh well, that little beauty hasn’t had enough attention anyway. I don’t mind the challenge!  (typed with fake enthusiasm)

(the last in-focus photo that my adored Tamron allowed)

Your comments are appreciated!

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