the master (in-training) of the VCR

Corrigan loves his movies.

He also loves the VCR.

Like all toddlers raised in the 1980’s, Corrigan is fond of hiding his toys and various other strange things in the tape slot.

Back when people actually used VCR’s they made VCR slot lock-thingies. Yes, lock-thingy was the official name. Look it up. (don’t)

Since modern man has moved on to other (better, fancier) means of media entertainment we have found ourselves with a lot of unwanted children’s movies in the form of VHS.

(they are unwanted by others…we are quite happy to be the benefactor of people cleaning out their basements and passing them on.)

Corrigan quickly moved on from sliding toothbrushes and socks into the VCR to realizing that the VHS tapes were the movie and trying to do it himself.

He is pretty darn good at popping in a tape.

What he has not very good at yet is being patient…or operating the eject button.

( credits are rolling buddy…you need to pop that one out before the other one will fit)


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