23 months old? Well how in the world did that happen?

Only one more month until we get to eat cake and sing Happy Birthday again!

This is going to be a rough month for Corrigan but I have no doubt that he will meet the challenge head-on, or with a head-butt…it is hard to say with him anymore.  Talk about Terrible Two’s. Whew.

He is really picking up the pace with his “talking.”  I still pretty much have no idea what he is saying but going by the inflection and angry hand gestures I am sure that once he starts talking, I am in big trouble.

He stopped calling Connor “ca ca” and now sometimes calls him “non-ner” which I am certain makes Big Brother much happier. Especially since Connor is studying Spanish this semester…and I am sure that they all know what the word is for “poop” in whatever language they are learning. It is like a middle-school boy “rule” or something.

Speaking of “ca ca”, I would love to know why, after more than 3000 diaper changes in 23 months, he still loses his ever-loving mind during every single diaper change. You would think that I was rearranging his organs instead of helpfully cleaning his bottom. It is getting tiresome…I am thinking about just screaming with him when he does this. Maybe it’ll make me feel better too.

Two days ago Corrigan mastered the art of climbing out of his crib.  I used to not get any sleep while he played, awake, in his crib from 3am until sunrise every single night…but now I get to imagine that he is playing with the plugged-in toaster in the kitchen sink while humming along to whatever song is in his head.  Fun stuff.

I think that if he can scale a crib he can scale a baby gate and I cannot simply keep him closed in his room (door closed) because he shares it with Big C.  Really, Connor needs every minute of sleep that he can get because, did you know that they do quantum physics or something in 7th grade now? Seriously, the level of work that Connor does this year make me feel like we must have just been pasting stars on blue construction paper for science when I was his age.

Since Connor is the only one that actually has to get up and leave the house to do something productive (school is totally a job) I try to minimize his disturbances in the night. That means that when the little Tasmanian Tunesmith wakes when the bars close…so does mama. I am rocking some amazing under-eye circles. I like to think of them as “vignetting” for my eyes. (photog joke..anyone? huh.)

Cor is also getting better at conveying his emotions. Granted, he has perfected ” I am so mad at you mommy” with head banging on hard floors for emphasis but at least he is telling me something.  He has also started grabbing our hands and walking us to the front or back doors. He then lifts our hands and taps them on the doorknob. He does the same thing when we are outside and he wants to go for a ride. He will walk us over to the car and tap our hands on the car door.

This morning he walked me over to the sound system and tapped my hand on the DVD player…he then said “Of!” which ( I think) is his way of saying, “five” which is the number of his favorite song disc that I always say “do you want me to play disc FIVE?”  Pretty cool.

During that same cd he claps in appropriate spots and really follows along in the give-and-take between artist and listener (the kids on the cd repeat a lot of what the singer says on nearly every song). While Corrigan does not really say any of the repeated words yet, he does kind of hum a sound in the appropriate spots and when the one part says, “Re”- “Cycle”, “Re”-“Cycle”, Corrigan says “uggle” during the “cycle” part. He is learning, I am certain of it and it is really just amazing to watch. We were not given any guarantees that he would be able to learn much at all…but then again we were not told that he wouldn’t learn either. We were just warned that there could be significant delays (and there are) and that the human(young) brain is an amazing thing.  Who knows what new pathways Corrigan’s brain might be developing in order to learn?  If his brain has the same determination to learn as Corrigan does to escape whatever is keeping him from the driveway at any cost…then we are good to go!

Our little guy will be in the hospital from Sunday until Thursday. It is no doubt going to be a challenge to keep this rascal happy in a confined setting such as a pediatrics ward but he has fought his way through lots worse in his 23 months…I have no doubt he will get through this fine too.  With probably a few goose eggs on his forehead from the tantrums but hey, the MRI machine is just down the hall!

We covet your prayers and appreciate your friendship and kindness. I will update from Hopkins as often as I can.

with love, Mindy

One thought on “23 months old? Well how in the world did that happen?

  1. Good luck with your hospital stay! Just remember that since he is at Hopkins he is in some of the best hands possible.

    Just try to remember that you are going to be no good to him if you get to run down so remember to eat and sleep as much as possible.


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