“it’s for your own good, little man”

On Mother’s Day our ride out-of-town went smoothly but when it was time to try to eat a meal things went downhill a bit.

I know that I have mentioned before (yesterday) that Corrigan is not very well-behaved in public situations that require him to be restrained for more than a few minutes.  He does okay with a stroller ride as long as he is outdoors but in a mall…not so much. The same with shopping carts and restaurant high chairs.

I knew that Mark was not going to go for a drive-thru birthday meal and I was scouting the town for someplace decent, not expensive, and not one of those dimly lit, bring-a-date kind of establishments.

Eat’N Park it was.

Plus, Smiley cookies. Win!

I didn’t even get to order my meal before Corrigan was being loud and working up to a screaming fit so I yanked him out of his high chair and took him to the car. I told Mark to call me when Corrigan’s fruit and french fries came out and we would wait outside.

It was hard to stay angry when Corrigan was happily telling me stories…using his hands in funny, expressive ways.

(so Little Bunny Foo-Foo was hopping through the forest…)

He also discovered the vanity mirror. He loves anything that he can open and close repeatedly so the mirror kept him entertained for a while. Plus, open=lights and reflection. Closed=cool baby reflection that Corrigan finds fascinating…GONE.  Over and over and over.

Good times.

(look mom, that boy in there? He does what I do! Whoa, we blink at the same time too!)

Eventually, Corrigan’s food was ready and he fell in love with watermelon from his fruit dish. Watermelon is full of citrulline though, and Corrigan has WAY too much citrulline in his body (Citrullinemia) but I do not know if it matters or if it is even the same…but I am a worried Mama, so I only let him have three pieces.

(50mm lens in front seat of medium sized sedan…I am a contortionist)

Shoveling food into my mouth at the speed of light, it still was not fast enough before Corrigan was starting to freak out. I managed to shove the last bite in before we needed to go back out to the car for a time-out.

and I realized that I was teaching this cute little boy…

(see? how can you be mad? that. face!)

…that if he misbehaved, in a restaurant, he could go out into the car and play with the fun mirror. So, the second time I strapped him into his car seat and let him cry scream until Mark and Connor made it out to the car.

As much as I love seeing the mischievous glint in his blue eyes and the toothy little grin, sometimes the only choice that I have, as a mom, is the one that makes him cry.

Even on Mother’s Day.

I am so mean.

8 thoughts on ““it’s for your own good, little man”

  1. Mindy, it’s called tough love. Teaching right from wrong ain’t always easy and the training you do now will come back to reward you later. It hurts I know, been there, and “No” you are not mean. If you didn’t care, if you didn’t love you would take the easy way out and you would do nothing. Like I said, that’s why it’s called tough love… 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness, he’s such a cutie! I really wish we got a free pass on Mother’s Day to only do the fun stuff, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. Love your boys’ names!


  3. You are not mean!!! You are awesome, but the others are right, sometimes tough love is necessary…not unlike what u probably did with Connor at some point.


  4. Do you know what, this is EXACTLY how Nathan behaves in public. In stores he will not sit in stroller, cart, baby carrier, harness without throwing huge fits but when he is free to walk he tries to disappear. I gravitate toward food courts and very loud restaurants so he doesn’t attract the attention from the entire place. We have a retro drive in hamburger joint with old cars that has loud music and fun colors. He is okay there.


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